[Sakazaki Freddie] Niku☆Jiru Ch. 10 (Kiss Demon’s Confession)

Suddenly, a double release. Who knew?

So here’s a chapter of Sakazaki Freddie’s Niku☆Jiru book that I did recently. This time, I worked with Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies on this. He’s also responsible for translating the previous 9 chapters as well. You can head over to LWB to pick those up if you want. There’s 2 chapters left before this book is complete, by the way.

Anyway, in this story, we’re introduced to the shota-ish Kazuya and the tomboyish Tsukimi. Tsukimi’s come over to Kazuya’s house to play since his parents are away. And by “play”, I mean she’s come over to drink Kazuya’s parents’ booze and smoke his dad’s brand name (probably expensive) cigars. When Kazuya refuses to drink with her, she slips him a drink which he thinks to only be juice… Needless to say, things get a bit out of hand from then on as the booze causes Kazuya to go into a kissing frenzy. In the presence of Tsukimi though, things go much further than just kissing much to her surprise. Also, it seems alcohol grants shotas a temporary boost in physical strength. A drunk shota is something to be feared…

DL Link: Chapter 10

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