[Sakazaki Freddie] Niku☆Jiru Ch. 11 (Science Club’s Good Work)

Here’s another chapter of Sakazaki Freddie’s Niku☆Jiru book. It just so happens to be the second to last chapter of the book as well. Just like for Chapter 10, the translator was Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies. The previous 9 chapters can be found by Clicking Here. You can grab chapter 10 from there or below as well if you missed it before.

Anyway, this’ll be my last release for 2011. Geez, I pushed out quite a bit to end the year, didn’t I? Now there’s a brand new year awaiting us. 2012 should be a good year for myself with it being the Year of the Dragon and all. Things to look forward to in the New Year? Well, I’ll be finishing off Nikuyoku Analyze for one. Sorry for those who were waiting on that, but I shelved it to get these most recent releases out. Along with that, there’s a few things I’m planning to do magazine-to-tank scan re-edits for. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to let those who might be curious know that one of those is TakayaKi’s (not so) recently released Koitto Kinenbi tankoubon. That should make some people happy. I’ll also be looking to restart a couple more of Nemui’s left over projects too. So I’ve got things to do, it’s just planning out what to do first. Plenty of stuff to look forward to.

Oh, and C81’s happening right now and I’ll be helping out with editing over on LWB, so C81 doujins are likely to be among the first releases for this site in 2012. Yup, plenty to look forward to. Well then, see you all then. Description for this release and DL Links below.

A young girl in the science club comes to school… only to find her batshit crazy club president has tied up the guy she likes, and is planning to test her created aphrodisiacs on the two of them. The guy was staring imminent (reverse) rape in the face until she showed up. But luckily, he was saved… until club prez switches the focus of her goals which still involve her using her aphrodisiacs on them…

Download: Chapter 11

Previous Chapters: Chapters 1-9 | Chapter 10

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