[Sakazaki Freddie] Niku☆Jiru Ch. 12 (Complete)

Today, I have the last chapter of Niku☆Jiru for you all. This probably could have been out a lot sooner than now, but C81 happened while I was working on it, so it got shelved in favor of C81 stuff. That and procrastination/laziness factored in to the equation as well. But! It’s finally done. The translator for this chapter and all chapters that came before it was Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies. With the completion of this chapter, this marks his first full tankoubon translation. Congrats to him, and may there be more in the future. Anyhoos, links and description to follow.

Oh, and I guess I should finally get back to Warashibe and Nikuyoku Analyze now after shelving it for C81 as well. What do you guys think?

Think of this chapter as a sort of continuation to Chapter 11 in that the same crazy batshit insane science club chief and her assistant reappear… along with the ENTIRE cast from the 11 chapters before. She invites them all to a private island owned by said assistant, Saeki, where it’s revealed that all the girls had arrived a week before all the boys. It’s also revealed that Chief has been secretly feeding the girls drugs (aphrodisiacs) the whole time, which means they’re all extremely horny… Upon the boys hearing that, a huge, aphrodisiac-fueled mass orgy begins, leaving no girl unfucked by the end.

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  1. Getting back to your projects that you shelved would be nice because, if you don’t do it it’ll take even longer to get to them.

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