[Saotome Mondonosuke] Kamikita Academy Girls’ Volleyball Team Training Camp (Do Not Peep 8 – Ch. 1)


Here’s a new release sponsored by Goldenargo85. It’s a one-shot from the Do Not Peep series of anthologies. Volume 8, to be exact. And there’s one thing that every story out of those anthologies have in common with each other: Girls taking large shits. Yup, it’s another Scat release. And Saotome Mondonosuke has a good handle on the subject matter. I like the way he draws girls. They got dem big asses and big tits~ Yes, I could grow to like this artist quite a bit :3

A pretty simple chapter this time around. It’s about a girls’ volleyball team who are at a training camp. And we get to watch them take huge dumps. Yup, real simple. Oh, and the volleyball coach is getting fucked by the caretaker of the camp they’re at, and she drops a few logs herself. She’s doing her own form of training with the help of the caretaker, after all. “Shitting Training”, they called it…

Anyway, the quality of the raws I had to use were far less than ideal. So bad, in fact, that there were a couple of places where the names in the boxes couldn’t be read; namely, pages 2 (on the right) and 15 (in the top right). Those names are entirely made up. Couldn’t be helped. You’ll probably notice more scan issues as well (blurry sides/edges). If a better scan ever pops up (highly unlikely), I’ll likely redo the chapter.

In any case, this was edited by me by request, and Rinruririn was the translator that Goldenargo85 commissioned for the script. I’ll be doing the second chapter from the 8th volume of Do Not Peep, which is a chapter by Nozarashi Satoru, another favorite artist of mine, in due time :3

Links and gallery below.

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12 thoughts on “[Saotome Mondonosuke] Kamikita Academy Girls’ Volleyball Team Training Camp (Do Not Peep 8 – Ch. 1)

    1. As for me personally translating them, no, as I cannot translate, though I could try~

      But best bet is someone commissioning a script of a Saotome Mondonosuke work, as was done here, and handing the script to me to take care of the editing.

  1. But it’s so rare someone translate the Saotome’s works, and this is too sad. If at least have some translater to do that more often…

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