[Sasahara Yuuki] Shall We Game? Ch. 11 (On-The-Knee Princess)


Mm… Cute Loli…

Here’s the next thing I’m helping out YQII with, “Shall We Game?” by Sasahara Yuuki. Since the previous editor he had on this disappeared, I offered to take over and finish off the book with him. This is the second-to-last chapter, so just one more to go and this book will be taken care of.

This is my first time working on anything by Sasahara Yuuki. I’ve read plenty of his stuff though. He draws a great loli. His “Ohisama no Nioi no Suru Shoujo” book is golden! I’d recommend hopping over to Team Vanilla and checking that out if you’re into lolis.

In any case, as mentioned, YQII handled the translation while I took on the editing. Also, there will likely be another release later today.

Anyway, links and description below.

Due to his father remarrying, Keiichi gains a new little sister by the name of Minato. As time passes, she eventually gets used to him. Now, Keiichi’s knee has become her special seat. After a while, though, he begins to suspect that Minato likes sitting on his knee for a reason other than just having place to sit and watch TV. So he tests that theory…

DL Link: Chapter 11

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