[Sasahara Yuuki] Shall we Game Ch. 12 (Climbing Pole) (Complete)


Mm… Another Cute Loli…

Now it’s time for the end of “Shall We Game” by Sasahara Yuuki. This here be the last chapter of the book. A simple story. A cute loli gets all hot and bothered while climbing a pole, loses her grip, then falls. But she’s saved by another cute loli’s older brother, who appears to be a teacher. They then proceed to make sweet love to the pole-climbing loli. Did I mention that they are still at school when this is happening?

And with that, that brings a long-awaited end to another Sasahara Yuuki book. Big thanks to YQII for letting me help him finish it up. If you’d like more Sasahara Yuuki loli goodness, I do recommend his “Ohisama no Nioi no Suru Shoujo” book. It is golden! Hop over to Team Vanilla and check it out if you need more of his top-tier lolis.

In any case, YQII handled the translation while I took on the editing.

Anyway, links below.

DL Link: Chapter 12

It’s the last chapter, so that means it’s time for a batch. Links courtesy of YQII: DepositFiles | RapidGator

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