Sayounara, MediaFire T_T

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Welp, looks like MediaFire finally gave me the boot as anyone who tries any download link (save for a couple cuz they were uploaded on DF) will no doubt notice. No clue why MediaFire went on a crusade so suddenly (I had been using them for 2 years already), but it’s quite apparent that I wasn’t the only one who was hit as I heard the same things happening to other groups I visit. It’s unfortunate too since there isn’t any place better than MediaFire for downloading since MU was shut down…

So what happens now? Well, I’ll be going to DepositFiles for the main link while using a Mirror-creator link for the secondary link, so at least people will have more options to choose from when downloading from here. Of course, this would be the time to steer me away from DepositFiles if someone knows of a better, less hassle place to download from (A place that has no wait time for downloaders, preferably).

In any case, I don’t have time to do any reuploading and link fixing now (I’ve got class in a couple of hours), so please hang tight for now. Some releases you can pick up from Translators I partnered with. Anyway, you’ll know that I have reuploaded most everything when this post disappears. Have a good day, everyone ^_^

*Update #1* – Gathered up all the files that need re-ups. Also, decided to go with Minus as my new home. We’ll see how that goes.

*Update #2* – Everything’s been re-uploaded on Minus. I’ll be fixing links in posts and in Ongoing/Complete manga/doujin sections later tonight. The next update will be when this post is gone.

*Update #3* – Alright, I’ve finished replacing all the links on the site (the ones that needed replacing, that is). Now then, hopefully there won’t be anymore issues. All links should functioning. Let me know if I missed anything or if some links lead to the wrong files. For this reason, I’ll keep this post up for the next few days. Thanks for all your patience ^_^

8 thoughts on “Sayounara, MediaFire T_T

  1. That’s a shame. Haven’t had any problems today with any other scanlators and MF links.

    I’ve got no problems with DF. As long as I get some delicious doujins, I’m happy.

  2. It wasn’t just you it was *everyone*, they’re under increased scrutiny after megauplaod and rather than risk getting takedown requests they just took the initiative.

    That or someone’s been uploading things to oron.

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