(C72) [Shiawase Pullin Dou (Ninroku)] Package Meat 1 (Queen’s Blade)


Here we go with reposting of a series a lot of people seem to like, Shiawase Pudding Dou’s Package Meat series featuring the mature and really busty Cattleya. In this first part of the series, we find out she’s in need of money to pay back a loan, hence why she runs her store. Some guys have a proposal for her to earn more money on the side. That is, to whore herself out. After some “convincing”, she agrees to it, then eventually ends up servicing a group of shotas with her huge breasts and then some.


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  1. can Package Meat Vol. 1-6 (Queen’s Blade) be updated, the df links just redirect when you get through the captcha

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