(C77) [Shiawase Pullin Dou (Ninroku)] Package Meat 6 (Queen’s Blade)


And here’s the last currently translated volume of the Package Meat series. Cattleya, in slut mode, has sex with an older guy, but when his wife comes home, he leaves her for the moment. Then, the boy who was watching her have sex and masturbating comes in and begins fucking her, then sticks it in her ass. Seems Cattleya’s fully embracing the slut lifestyle.

Now I’m fully aware of Volumes 7, 8, and the recently released 1.5 being out there. But if it wasn’t already obvious, I have no dedicated translator, so I can’t do anything about them. Now, if anyone is able to get me a script for any one of those volumes, I will volunteer to do the editing for them. Same deal for anything else someone might want to have edited. Just let me see the raw of whatever it is you want done before you run off to get a script by whatever means necessary. Get in touch with me using my email on the right just below the shout box.


5 thoughts on “(C77) [Shiawase Pullin Dou (Ninroku)] Package Meat 6 (Queen’s Blade)

    1. I do believe PM 1.5, 7, and 8 are available on ExH. But still, my situation remains the same. I have no translator to do them or a script to work off of, so I can’t do anything about them.

  1. Is this the full gallery?…b/c when i download each manually it goes from pictures 1 then 3….im looking for pg.2 of this b/c i dont like having incomplete galleries even if its just 1 picture

    1. Should be if you’re downloading from here. In any case, it’s more than likely the missing page 2 is a blank page. At least it is in my copy.

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