[Shimanto Youta] Gun Tribe 2 – Ch. 11 (The Organization and the Gunpreacher)

Here’s the next chapter Gun Tribe Volume 2, sponsored by Wrldtrvlr and translations courtesy of Tadanohito. This chapter sees the return of Jemina, a character that appeared in the first volume (Chapter 6, I believe).

And now, a little announcement. Since it’s that time of year again for college students, like myself, I will have to postpone operations (heh) around here for this coming week and next while I gear up for finals.

My last final should be on the 10th of May, so it’s not a long hiatus, but I thought it would be nice for people to know. I may manage to edit some stuff if I allow some free time, but just don’t expect any releases between now and then. Your patience is appreciated. Links and Description below.

This chapter finds Drive, Annie, and Maty in the middle of gunfight after Annie, who tracked down a “Farmer” hideout, decided the best way to take it over was for her and Drive to charge right in. Since Maty’s the only one unable to defend herself, Drive tells her to stay down and stick close, but when they take the fight inside the hideout, Maty decides to do things on her own.

In doing so, she comes across Jemina, Drive’s previous informant who, well… she’s not in the best of situations right now. Also, Maty should have totally listened to Drive.

DL Link: Chapter 11

Previous Volume/Chapter: Volume 1 | Chapter 10

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  1. Sadly, it appears the files have been removed for both chapter 11 and chapter 10. [Minux gives the message “The file does not exist or is unavailable.”]

    Any chance of getting them re-uploaded soon?

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