[Shimanto Youta] Gun Tribe 2 – Ch. 13 (The Girl Assassin and the Gambler)

And on the heels of chapter 12, comes chapter 13 of Gun Tribe Volume 2 (12 of the story), sponsored by Wrldtrvlr and translations courtesy of Tadanohito. In this chapter, Drive learns some important information about Maty’s captors, including the enemy boss’s name and real base. Also, a loli wearing a garter belt is a not a bad look. Not bad at all.

Well, 2 chapters of Kanjyuku are up next, though I don’t expect to get through those as fast as I did these two chapters. Kanjyuku’s a tougher edit T_T. But we’ll see.

Calamity Jane makes her token loli appearance, and with that, she brings new information. She takes them to go see Jane Butler Hickok, another Sheriff Dog like Annie, since Annie wanted to speak with her. After a few card games with her, it’s time for Drive to ‘trade information’ with Calamity Jane… You know what that means, right?

Meanwhile, Billy the Kid delivers Maty to the Doctor. We find out what’s in store for her next chapter.

DL Link: Chapter 13

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