[Shimanto Youta] Gun Tribe 2 – Ch. 14 (The Beauty Doctor and the Chase)

Time for another chapter of Gun Tribe Volume 2, sponsored by Wrldtrvlr and translations courtesy of Tadanohito as per usual. In this chapter, we find out exactly what Doctor Magus has in store for the captured Maty. He’ll attempt to achieve “true beauty” by modifying her body.

With Maty now in Dr. Magus’ hands, he wants to use her body as a means to achieve his definition of “true beauty”. He even gives her preview by showing her what she’ll eventually look like after he finishes with her. And the person being used as the demonstration leaves Maty in shock, but there’s no time to grieve since he promptly drugs her up, then gives Maty her first run-in with the steam-powered dildo.

Meanwhile, Drive, Calamity Jane, and Annie have picked up Maty’s trail and are on the way to rescue her. But they have a problem: How to get into the enemy’s hideout? No worries, Jane and Annie have that part figured out already.

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