[Shimanto Youta] Gun Tribe 2 – Ch. 10 (A Babe and a Tracker on Each Arm)

Gun Tribe 2 - 000a

The story of Gun Tribe continues! Also, epic dog girl tits!

As mentioned before, and if you noticed on the right, this is the fourth of Faytear’s projects that I’m continuing with the help of Tadanohito. And also, this is technically a commissioned project. A cool guy by the name of Wrldtrvlr (responsible for contributing a lot to the completion of the first volume) commissioned the script from Tadanohito, then asked if I would be willing to take on the editing (I’m doing it for free, mind you). Well, I think it’s plainly obvious what my answer was lol.

In any case, credits for translation go to Tadanohito, of course, and sponsored by Wrldtrvlr. Having not read the 1st volume myself yet, I don’t really know what all is going on in terms of story, but as for this chapter, it’s pretty much just sex. Guess I should read the first volume sooner or later.

Continuing from the previous volume, sheriff dog, Annie Oakley, is now traveling with Drive and Maty, and Maty is not all that happy about that. Even more so given that Annie’s traveling with them completely naked (save for her belt and hat). She gets even more angry when she finds out that Drive and Annie have been swapping information with each other… alone. To calm her down, Annie decides they should all deepen their friendship a little, though it takes a little coercion (in the form of a ‘lesson’ to tame Drive) to get Maty into the mood.

DL Link: Chapter 10

And seeing how the links for the 1st volume on Faytear’s site are dead, I’ve re-uploaded it in case anyone wants to reread it.

DL Link: Volume 1

    • M
    • Apr 14th. 2012 6:26pm

    Isn’t this technically supposed to be Chapter 9 and not Chapter 10?

    • It’s the ninth chapter in the Gun Tribe story, but it’s the 10th chapter of the tankoubon. Chapter 9 was a one-shot at the end of the first volume.

    • 13
    • Apr 14th. 2012 10:51pm

    thanks for reviving the series ^^

    • Zig
    • Jun 4th. 2012 9:45pm

    here are some transaltionable doujin

      • Annoymous
      • Jun 5th. 2012 1:52pm

      Placing the same request on three different blogs at the same time is VERY bad form.

    • Zig
    • Jun 4th. 2012 9:47pm

    Also these ones






    • leech
    • Feb 22nd. 2013 4:30am

    As for my request, if it’s a pain in the ass to do, I’ll make it worth your time.

    • leech
    • Feb 22nd. 2013 4:31am

    That request being the uploading of volume 2 to a site other than minus

    • Volume 2 (and 1) have been re-uploaded, so have at them now. You can get them from the Complete Manga page at the top, or just got to the Chapter 19 post to get them.

    • leech
    • Feb 23rd. 2013 3:21am

    Ok. But it seems that the DL link still isn’t working for me. I’m using Firefox, and it says “Unable to connect. Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at d3.minus.com.” Any advice?

    • leech
    • Feb 23rd. 2013 4:12am

    Thank you. I thought I had tried the Chap. 19 DL link, and I didn’t know what you meant by the Completed Manga Page, but everything is clear now. Thanks again.

    • BooBoo
    • Jun 13th. 2014 3:05am

    How do I download this? I got to the Minus page, and click the link to download it, only to be taken to another page, and it doesn’t download at all.

    • The link has been updated. Do check the Completed Manga page under “Projects” at the top for more up-to-date links for things.

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