[Shiwasu no Okina] Aibuka Ch. 1 (COMIC Aun 2013-06)


Here’s the start of Shiwasu no Okina’s most recent series. It’s about a guy, Itou Sukai, who’s the president of his school’s Idol club. And subsequently, he’s the only member due to the fact that he spends all his time masturbating to pictures of idols. Since that’s the case, all the other school club presidents are looking to shut him down.

But he comes up with an idea to keep his club going: To produce an idol for the upcoming school culture festival. Nobody believes he’ll live up to that, but the leader of all the club presidents, Onodera Yuzu, who also happens to be his childhood friend, insists that he will, for she shall be the one Sukai makes into an idol. And as we might all know, the road to becoming an idol is paved with cum~ Let the idol-making begin!

The translation this time was handled by shark0week0. Lasertym assisted with the editing by doing the cleaning, and I handled the typesetting this time around. Translation checking and QC was handled by KirbyDances.

In other news, though I am aware that The Lusty Lady Project released their own version, those involved with my version have decided to continue on with this story regardless, so expect subsequent chapters as they become available. Nothing wrong with a little competition, right?

Anyway, links and gallery below.

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

5 thoughts on “[Shiwasu no Okina] Aibuka Ch. 1 (COMIC Aun 2013-06)

  1. thanks to everybody involved for the hard work.
    here’s hoping it doesn’t lead to another good group quitting though. there had been enough bad blood lately.

  2. While I understand how from a group’s perspective, competition is fun and challenging, looking at it from the hentai fan’s perspective is not so bright.

    2 brilliant groups spending their time on the same thing, while hundreds of AAA books is still left untranslated.

    1. There are other reasons to continue on with this story.

      In my case, I felt that the community deserved a proper translation.

    2. Quality is better than quantity quality work like shiwasu no okina’s deserve a quality translation

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