[Shiwasu no Okina] Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend (COMIC Aun 2013-03) (Uncensored)


Random release time! And it’s a Shiwasu no Okina one-shot from the March 2013 edition of Comic Aun. You’ve probably already seen it floating around for a while now elsewhere, but I’m tossing it up here now anyway. The tits still aren’t around the size that I prefer Shiwasu no Okina to draw them, but they’re certainly a good size. Much bigger than in the last Shiwasu no Okina One-shot to pass through my site, at the very least.

In any case, this is yet again something that was sponsored by Lasertym via E-H’s Bounty System. Once again, the only thing I provided was the QC. The translation was handled by KirbyDances of the EHCove, and was edited by Ronan. And, as an extra treat, this was decensored by a kind gentleman by the name of Palimpsest, so deliciously uncensored Shiwasu no Okina if that is to your tastes.

Anyway, links and description below.

Hinohara Ai has found herself in a bit of a tight spot. Two friends she’s known for a while, Keita and Kogorou, have come to her for advice because Kogorou has some worries about his sex life with his girlfriend. Frankly, he isn’t sure if he’s doing it right, so he wants to know what to do please his girl. Keita, on the other hand, has no problems at all, so out of the goodness of his heart, he decides to take Kogorou through the process step by step.

And wouldn’t you know it! They’ve got the perfect practice partner in Ai right there with them! She’s reluctant at first (she’s got a boyfriend, after all), but soon finds it too difficult to resist her two childhood friends once they get started with their lesson.

DL Link: Sendspace | ExHentai

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  1. The title says “Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend” but when I saw the pages it was actually 1 girl and 2 boys. Way to go to confused us guys

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