[Shiwasu no Okina] Hokeniin Survival (COMIC Aun 2012-08)


Time for another random release, this time a Shiwasu no Okina one-shot from the August 2012 edition of Comic Aun. Personal preference of course, but I prefer it when Shiwasu no Okina is drawing girls with delicious chest fat~ I think he does that better, but Delicious Flat Chest is nice every now and then. Anyhoos, as is what Shiwasu’s accustomed to, this one-shot is a bit on the crazy side. Tiny girl gets more than she bargained for when she decides become part of her school’s healthcare committee, thinking she’d be able to take it easy.

This is yet another random release sponsored by Lasertym via E-H’s Bounty System. The translator who came forth to claim the bounty with his translation was KirbyDances of E-H’s EHCove again. And once again, Lasertym asked me to handle the editing. Lasertym continues to make me feel like I’m worth something T_T

Anyway, links and description below.

So, on the advice of her older sister, Chigasaki Moka decides to become a part of the healthcare committee at her school. Of course, for the wrong reasons. But when some students decide to bring in some aphrodisiacs (god knows why they’d bring them to school), she ends up actually having to do something when one student, nicknamed Chubby-yama, decides to knock back all the drugs and wash it down with an energy drink. Cue drug-induced raging boner, and Moka’s the only person that can do anything about it. She’s part of the healthcare committee, after all~

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  1. I think he might have modeled this girl after Jougasaki Mika (or maybe Rika or some combo of the 2) from Im@s Cinderella girls. It honestly was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw her and I thought her name “Chigasaki Moka” was too much of a coincidence.

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