[SINK] Kanjyuku Ch. 10 (Confused Feelings)

And another 2 weeks later, here comes chapter 10 of Kanjyuku. This is another one of SINK’s clearly earlier works, so the artwork isn’t all that great. But it’s still vintage SINK material, what with the mature woman succumbing to cock and all. Good to see he was firmly rooted in his craft even back then lol. Anyway, we’re one chapter (and an omake) away from the end of the book. I’m still on track to keep up with my personal goal, so all’s well! Then I can finally turn my attention elsewhere (like re-edits ^_^).

As per usual, credits for the translation go to Tadanohito while I took care of the editing.

In any case, Links and Description below.

So a teenage boy is making his stepmother humiliate and whore herself as revenge for her causing his parents to split and causing his real mother to commit suicide. That’s really all there is to it. The kid’s pissed. Also, one of his friends comes over, who he then has fuck his stepmother as well.

DL Link: Chapter 10

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