[SINK] Kanjyuku Ch. 11 + Omake (Enchant’e) (Complete)

Dem Thick Eyebrows!

After a long, long, very long time, Kanjyuku finally reaches its end. I have the hurricane to thank for delaying this release even further (I had it finished before power was cut). Being without power/internet for 10 days sure is rough. Not to mention that it was really cold during those days too T_T. But with that being the only extent of my problems, I can definitely consider myself one of the fortunate ones. I hope anyone else that was affected by the storm is doing alright.

Anyhoos, the second of Faytear’s leftover projects finally bites the dust. My apologies to everyone who was looking forward to this book for being super slow with it. This project started two years ago in the hands of Faytear. 2 years ago, I was just an average leecher not even thinking about being an editor or getting involved with the H-scanlation scene lol. Funny how things change, and now I’m here finishing off something I had been waiting to see completed by other hands way back then.

Now then, credits are in order. Credit goes to Yoshio for translating Chapter 1 of this book 2 years ago. Credits for translating chapters 2-11 go to Tadanohito who stepped in to finish the book. Faytear handled the editing for chapter 1, NoName (part of Faytear’s crew) handled chapter 2, and I took care of the rest from then on. And last, but not least, the Donors originally responsible for seeing this project through were Psyburn21 and Xinthos (not missing anyone, am I?). So thanks go to all those guys in the completion of this book.

In other news, the last chapter of Nuki x Sen is next up for release, though there may be a random release to come before it. Either way, expect it soon.

In any case, Links and Description below.

Ochiai Mako, while in the middle of training, happens upon a few guys shaking down an old man for money that he owes them. So she decides to step in. Well, let’s just consider this one of those instances where being a good Samaritan can suck sometimes. She helps the guy, then gets screwed over, figuratively and literally.

Also, there’s a short 4-page Omake chapter at the end featuring a Nun who is faced with cock, then subsequently loses to cock. Plain and simple lol.

And with that, feel free to pick up the chapter by itself, or you can grab the whole book in one go.

DL Link: Complete Tankoubon | Chapter 11 + Omake

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