[SINK] Kanjyuku Ch. 3 (Corruption of a Lady: Episode 2 ~Abuzz~)

Just the cover of the manga. Has nothing to with the contents of the chapter :3

Here’s the next release (Already!?), chapter 3 of Kanjyuku by SINK. As mentioned some time ago, this is one of Fayt’s projects that I picked up by request of Tadanohito. The first two chapters (which were edited by Fayt) can be found over on Tada’s site as well. I suggest reading chapter 2 if you haven’t, as it’s the first part to this story.

Credits for the translation go to the aforementioned Tadanohito. Now then, I’m aware this and the next chapter have already been done, but since Tadanohito already had scripts for them and all (a long, long time ago)… Well, people will have another version to choose from, that’s all. As for this manga, if you don’t know of the artist, SINK, then just know that there will be lots and lots and lots of Ahegao. He really loves it apparently. As such, expect relatively rough sex to accompany it as well. Just so ya know.

In any case, in this chapter, Shiori’s still being blackmailed by Takuya, and due to him repeatedly using her, Shiori’s starting to get used to the treatment… Nay, she’s beginning to crave it. After seeing her daughter off to school though, Takuya makes a visit to her own home, much to her surprise. And he’s not alone this time. He’s brought a friend so he can indulge in Shiori’s body as well in place of Takuya repaying him the money he owes to him. Things take another turn for the worst when, as Shiori and the guys are doing the deed, another surprise visitor shows up…

Cheating? Most definitely. NTR? Don’t know if we’re quite there yet, but tagged anyway.

DL Link: Chapter 3

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  1. hiya afro i know you form bakbt and thank you for doing this one i am not realy in to ntr as you know but this one is not realy ntr as you said it more the cheating housewife who husband do not give her any kinda one. and adding in the daughter just makes it all the better i am guessing thow by the ending that the daughter and father are gong to do something the next chapter can not wait

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