[SINK] Kanjyuku Ch. 5 (Owning A Pet)

Yup, that’s right. Dude just pressed his dick up to the face of a girl while she’s studying.
Mighty bold, that guy~

Time for some more Kanjyuku. This time, presenting chapter 5, a one-shot story about a mother and daughter’s particular situation. The ending surprised me considering how the guy was being a grade-A douchebag to them the whole time lol. Seems SINK likes making the guys be total dicks.

Anyway, one thing I’ve forgotten to mention is that Kanjyuku, In Her Crack, and Nuki x Sen are all projects that had been funded back on Fayt’s site a long time ago. Of course, I had totally forgotten about that, hence why no mention of the donors have shown up in the credits for those projects. So, donors, please forgive me. What I’ll do is add the names of the donors of each respective project to the credits when I reach the end of each book.

In any case, credits for the translation go to Tadanohito once again. Just like chapter 4 (scroll down for that), prepare for some mother-daughter Ahegao, slut mom and daughter, rough sex, and… family bonding?

Due to some circumstances, Koizumi’s wound up with two “pets” by the names of Ayame and Tsubaki. You see, Ayame, Tsubaki’s mother, is in debt to Koizumi’s father, so Koizumi practically has free reign over them. And, as you would expect, he uses them for sex. On this particular day, after being pissed by an actress he works with, he comes home needing to ‘relieve’ himself.

When Ayame isn’t home, he decides to use Tsubaki. Never mind that she’s in the middle of studying when he decides to start jacking off with her face (cue pic above). She resists at first, but soon gives in. Things escalate further when Ayame comes home and he switches his attention to her… Cue sudden mother-daughter bonding over a dick.

DL Link: Chapter 5

Previous Chapters: Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

5 thoughts on “[SINK] Kanjyuku Ch. 5 (Owning A Pet)

  1. File Belongs to Suspended Account.

    And I used to like MediaFire until they started with this crap about pulling these translations.

    1. Yea, I don’t know why they suddenly decided to go on this crusade. I had already been hit twice before they nuked my account, so I knew it was coming.

      Unfortunately, there’s nothing better than MediaFire right now, and that’s what really sucks. I’ll have to resort to DepositFiles and one of those Mirror-making sites now.

    2. Kamikakushi has been having the same issue. Started with them a few days ago or so. They’ve been lucky enough that their MF account hasn’t been suspended yet, but all of their translations have been removed once already. They ended up going with DF for their alternative. Personally, I don’t think DF is really all that bad, but when everybody switches to it, the wait time between downloads is what gets irritating. lol

    3. A few other scanlators have had that issue as well. Soba-scans and LWB have suffered some too. And we’ve figured that it is MF doing the deleting on their own and not some ‘good Samaritan’. Found that out when a member’s in-house QC file was deleted.

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