[SINK] Kanjyuku Ch. 8 (Female Teacher Ninomiya Makoto)

After a bit of a hiatus (just over 3 months…), another chapter of Kanjyuku makes it out of the gates. I blame myself for the hold up. Got shelved in place of finishing up Gun Tribe 2, and then C82 came and pushed it back even more. And I didn’t really feel like doing these redraws at the time lol. Finally sucked it up though and got chapter 8 done. Chapter 9 is about halfway done as well. We’re moving towards the end of the book finally. Yay!

As per usual, credits for the translation go to Tadanohito while I took care of the editing.

Little bit of role-reversal here compared to last chapter. This time, we have a female teacher paying a visit to her student’s place to get him to come to school. And well, he’s not moving unless she fulfills one condition. I bet you know what that is. But don’t forget, This is SINK we’re talking about here, it’s never as cut-and-dry as this. Made all the more obvious when the guy’s dad makes a surprise appearance.

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