(COMIC1☆4) [SubeSube1kg (Narita Kyousha)] Nine to Five Lover Soushuuhen


And here’s the next part of the Nine to Five Lover series that was previously translated by Nemui. It’s really only a compilation of volumes 1-3, but it does have an extra chapter in it where Yuu makes his mother, Yukie, dress in another of her old school uniforms and have sex.

Just like the Package Meat series, I’m willing to edit what’s available of the Nine to Five Lover series if a script is provided to me because, as you may know, I have no dedicated translator at the moment. Maybe one day, I’ll find one. But I won’t hold my breath. Also, volume 4 of this series was translated a couple weeks ago by Fuwafuwaru, but they haven’t posted it to their site yet though. You’ll have to go to Exhentai to find it.


    • Dan
    • Dec 2nd. 2011 5:02am

    Thanks for the great work with the translation! I am a fan of Narita Kyousha artwork. Waiting and looking forward for the rest of the series!

    • Pz
    • Feb 10th. 2012 10:30am

    5(Full) + 5.5 out but no one scan it T-T

    • sabsab
    • Sep 2nd. 2012 2:02pm

    Please could you do the following chapter 🙂

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