[SubeSube1kg (Narita Kyousha)] Nine to Five Lover Vol. 3


Here’s the third part of this story reposted. Here, Yukie (the wife finally given a name) is having sex with her husband, and Yuu is watching them and is none too happy about it. So the next day, as punishment and out of jealousy, he makes her dress up in her old school uniform, then has lots and lots of sex with her. They then decide to make a baby at the end.


    • kaiser
    • Jun 14th. 2014 11:49pm

    The link is die. Can you reupload it, please?

    • Link has been reuploaded.

        • kaiser
        • Jun 21st. 2014 9:56am

        [Shimanto Youta] Gun Tribe 2 – Ch. 10 [English] {Tadanohito + Afro}.rar

        This is what the link said. Can you check it again please.
        Thank you.

        • Whoops. Got that fixed again. Sorry about that.

            • kaiser
            • Jun 22nd. 2014 12:55am

            Thank you very much, Afro

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