Trash Box 001

Here’s an IDOLM@STER doujin that was apparently in development hell before it finally landed in my hands. Anyway, it’s a doujin featuring a lot of the newer idols (well, I guess they aren’t “new” anymore) getting a page or two. Most are either getting taken advantage of or being prostitutes. There’s no real story here, so can’t really give a good description, but hey, still kinda hot. Just needed some big tits in it, though. My only real letdown about this.

Translation was handled by biribiri who knows how long ago. Editing was taken care of by Codegeman and biribiri. I was just called upon to handle the typesetting. The scans of this doujin were provided by Kalevala as well. Flammz was the person that commissioned the effort. He’s a pretty cool dude~

Link and Gallery Below.

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Okay, after a bit of a hiatus, I’ve finally got something new to put out for the month of March. I’ve got a loli pissing one-shot courtesy of Goldenargo85. It’s a slightly humorous one as well.

Loli ends up getting pictures of taken of herself as she takes a piss in the woods by a kid in her class, and is then blackmailed into taking another piss for him. She ends up being rescued by her friend (also a loli) who proceeds to punish him with her ‘special attack’. Quite funny indeed. At least I thought so.

As per usual, Goldenargo85 commissioned the script from Rinruririn, and I took on the editing at his request.

In other news, Dr.P’s newest manga has finally surfaced, so I’ll be starting on that soon. I’ve also made a Twitter account (AfroScans), so you can get updates through that, as well as other misc. happenings. Totally hipster now :3

Anyhoos, Links and gallery below.

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The story of a mom and her two daughters, all with huge knockers~

Here’s a quick little C83 entry, courtesy of one Lasertym again who asked me to edit this for him. Not quite the continuation to Jin’s Tachibana-san story that many seem to have been waiting for, but I guess it’s a sign of things to come, as hinted at in the afterword. Much, much more to come. I’ll certainly be looking forward to it. Also, in my book, the NTR hasn’t taken place yet, but I’ll slap the tag on it anyway.

The translator who stepped up to claim Lasertym’s bounty this time was Krymsun. And I took care of the editing as per usual. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T

In any case, links and description below.

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Nagare Ippon, My Artist God

Today’s release is a Rinne no Lagrange/WORKING!! doujin both drawn by one of my top favorite artists, Nagare Ippon. This guy could probably draw anything and I would like it unconditionally. Speaking of Nagare Ippon, have you checked out his Boku no Shiranai Kanojo no Kao Book yet? If not, you totally should. It’s filled with Nagare Ippon goodness :3

This time, credits for the translation go to biribiri who I coerced into translating this. And as usual, I handled the editing.

In other news, I have yet to see either Rinne no Lagrange or WORKING!!, so if one does feel inclined, what’s your opinion on both? I mean, I intend to watch them eventually anyway, but it’s always good to hear others’ opinions on things every now and then.

In any case, Links and Description below.

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So, after a long, long, super long time on hiatus, with the help of Yoroshii, I’m finally able to revive this project. A big, huge thank you to him again for helping me continue this project in the MIA Nemui’s stead. So then, 424 days after the release of Chapter 2 (according to MangaUpdates), chapter 3 is here.

As mentioned above, credits for resurrecting this manga goes to Yoroshii. Since it’s been a while, I’ve gone ahead and re-uploaded the first two chapters for your rereading pleasure. Links and descriptions below

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Just the cover of the manga. Has nothing to with the contents of the chapter :3

Here’s the next release (Already!?), chapter 3 of Kanjyuku by SINK. As mentioned some time ago, this is one of Fayt’s projects that I picked up by request of Tadanohito. The first two chapters (which were edited by Fayt) can be found over on Tada’s site as well. I suggest reading chapter 2 if you haven’t, as it’s the first part to this story.

Credits for the translation go to the aforementioned Tadanohito. Now then, I’m aware this and the next chapter have already been done, but since Tadanohito already had scripts for them and all (a long, long time ago)… Well, people will have another version to choose from, that’s all. As for this manga, if you don’t know of the artist, SINK, then just know that there will be lots and lots and lots of Ahegao. He really loves it apparently. As such, expect relatively rough sex to accompany it as well. Just so ya know.

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Nice proportions, nice tan, and a swimsuit top that might as well be string. I am okay with that.

Here’s the next chapter of Gutto Onedari. Translations courtesy of Yoroshii. As I mentioned back when Chapter 1 was released, there would be lots and lots of anal. Well, this chapter is just that, nothing but buttfucking.

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School Swimsuit + Big Tits? Works for me.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Something by Red-Rum because, personally, I like his drawing style a lot. Healthy looking girls with big breasts. I sure do like it when an artist draws girls with a little extra meat on their bones. Makes them look soft to the touch… I like that.

In any case, this was an H-manga that Nemui and I had set out to finish a long time ago, but he was only able to get me two chapters before disappearing. I was sad… But enough of that for now. Here’s chapter 5 translated by Nemui. Chapter 1-4 (a Futanari story) were done by SaHa a long, long time ago. So you can go there to pick them up. Or wait until the whole book is finished and get the batch from me. It’s all win for you guys no matter what you choose. Also of note is that Yoroshii has stepped in to cover the last 2 chapters for me (bless that man’s heart T_T), so this will get done in due time.

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Here’s the 3rd completed manga and unfortunately, the last under the Nemui-Afro Thunda regime. I’ve been a fan of Nagare Ippon since forever. Even if you don’t like him for some of his stories, you can’t deny the fact that the guy has some of the best artwork in the business. He’s a master of the Ahegao (the ever so recognizable “Fucked Silly Face”) and he draws plenty of anal too (my personal favorite fetishes among many, many others), so I’m always happy to see when he publishes new stuff.

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Here is my first full Tankoubon edit as an editor for Nemui. And for myself, it couldn’t have been a better artist to work on. I sure do love me some Kotoyoshi Yumisuke. He draws those big breasts that I love. The raw that we used was given to us by a kind person by the name of Setebos. He had initially planned to commission this, but upon seeing the way the story went (which most people should know about by now), decided against it. A few emails later, I had his scan and work began on it. I sure did enjoy editing this.

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