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[Ozaki Akira] Rewrite + Clinic Vol. 2

Rewrite Clinic 2 - 000a

Hello, folks. It’s been a long, long while since my last release. That’s because I’ve been quite lazy. Can’t be helped, right? Anyway, to make up for the long lull, I’ve got a full manga for you guys. It was a request from Tadanohito to help him finish up his last manga translation. This is Lucky Clinic, or Rewrite Clinic 2, whichever you prefer to call it. You can find the first volume on his site.

Anyway, if you’ve read the first volume already, then you already know what to expect. If not, well, it’s just a bunch nurses and doctors fucking various patients who are hospitalized. We follow the daily escapades of a porn star who decides to become a nurse, and well… lots of sex occurs, though it is all done in an attempt to help her patients better their lives. Provided you can get past the horrible whiteout censorship, it’s a fun read… but that censorship, mang 🙁

As mentioned, Tadanohito is the translator, and this manga is his last, and I took care of the editing.

Links and Gallery below.
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[Nagare Ippon] Meat Hole Ch. 6 ( Brother – Wife)

Meat Hole 000a

Today, I’ve got something that I’ve been holding hostage for God knows how long. Long enough for me to have to beg forgiveness from biribiri and DrtyBird, that’s for sure. I am a douche and am unworthy of both you… I’m sorry T_T.

Anyway, this is chapter 6 out of Nagare Ippon’s Meat Hole book. Did I mention that this guy is totally one of my favorite artists? Seriously, he draws like a god. Check out his Boku no Shiranai Kanojo no Kao Book for more Nagare Ippon goodness :3

Credits for the translation go to biribiri who I held out on for an undisclosed amount of time. DrtyBird was responsible for commissioning the chapter to Biri. And I (finally) handled the editing.

I don’t intend this to be the last time I see Nagare Ippon as I do want to go back and do the re-edits for the Meat Hole book (the chapters that need it, anyway), but as with all my planned re-edits, it’ll probably be a while before I actually get to it as I take care of more recent things that come my way. Those re-edits have not been forgotten! Just shelved. Oh, and one more release later today.

In any case, Links and Description below.

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[SubeSube1kg (Narita Kyousha)] Nine to Five Lover 5 (Original)


Whew boy! It’s been a while since my last release. Well, I have school to thank for the unintended break. The last few weeks were hectic with upcoming tests, and homework that needed to be completed before that time. All that combined made for a magnificent time sink on the editing front. Things have cooled down now, so I think I can get back to editing in a timely manner… for the time being, at least.

With that said, here’s something it seems many people have been looking forward to seeing: The 5th volume of Narita Kyousha’s Nine to Five Lover series. It just kinda wound up in my hands. Ironic since this series began with the vanished Nemui who I partnered with back in my humble beginnings (bless his soul wherever he may be T_T).

Well, nothing new to really say about this. If you’ve been following the series, Yukie’s still fucking her son, but this time, they’re visiting her husband’s family. And it’s a good day for Yukie to get pregnant as well~ This is kinda a double feature too, as Yukie’s pregnant sister-in-law is visiting too, and she gets it on with her husband. So pregnant fucking too! One can only hope that we get that with Yukie eventually. I certainly look forward to that possibility :3

In any case, this was project sponsored via E-H’s bounty system. The ones responsible for sponsoring it were Slobber, Binglo, Boggyb, and Revsex. The one who took up the translation bounty was Ackeejag of Pineapples r’ Us. I handle the editing and did the QC too. The raw was provided by Bluntobject and Kalevala.

Anyway, links and Gallery below.

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[Hyji] Tempting the Husband (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2012-12)


Here’s a one-shot by Hyji, brought to you once again by Lasertym via E-H’s Bounty system. As expected of Hyji, we get another splendidly drawn mature lady. I certainly can’t get tired of the MILFs he likes to draw :3

In any case, this is a cheating story with a little twist. Boss’ wife is seducing an employee of his by trying on various kinds of lingerie, saying it’s for her husband, and succeeding very well (I mean, could you honestly resist that?). It’s all for her husband’s sake. It really is!

The translator who stepped up to claim Lasertym’s bounty this time was Disguised_Monkey. Lasertym handled the editing himself again. And myself and Krymsun took on the roles of the QC.

In any case, No Links due to take down request.

[Shiwasu no Okina] Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend (COMIC Aun 2013-03) (Uncensored)


Random release time! And it’s a Shiwasu no Okina one-shot from the March 2013 edition of Comic Aun. You’ve probably already seen it floating around for a while now elsewhere, but I’m tossing it up here now anyway. The tits still aren’t around the size that I prefer Shiwasu no Okina to draw them, but they’re certainly a good size. Much bigger than in the last Shiwasu no Okina One-shot to pass through my site, at the very least.

In any case, this is yet again something that was sponsored by Lasertym via E-H’s Bounty System. Once again, the only thing I provided was the QC. The translation was handled by KirbyDances of the EHCove, and was edited by Ronan. And, as an extra treat, this was decensored by a kind gentleman by the name of Palimpsest, so deliciously uncensored Shiwasu no Okina if that is to your tastes.

Anyway, links and description below.

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[Rocket Monkey] I Want to Become Prettier (COMIC Megastore-H 2012-07)


Aw man… It feels like forever since I last released something that I actually edited myself. And looking back, it has been a while. Just about a month almost, and only the 2nd release for the month… Terrible, I know. Well, ya know, circumstances and such like finals at the beginning of this month. But! That wasn’t the only reason for the huge gap in releases.

Today’s release takes a good portion of the blame as well because it required so much work for just a mere 20 pages. Redraws… REDRAWS EVERYWHERE!!! But I had to do it, mainly because this release is something I picked up to do waaay back in September 2012, but just managed to get to it in the beginning of May 2013. Talk about putting things on the back burner, right? It’s finally done though, and it’s hawt!

In other news, I’ve finished up the next chapter of Bokunchi no Mikage-san and have sent that off to YQII, so that should show up in a day or two. After the couple of Touhou doujins I have listed on the right get done, I’ll be attempting to get back to my various manga projects that have been severely backlogged for what seems like ages. We shall see how things go.

This was a joint project between myself, who took care of the editing as per usual, and Vaako Benihime of LWB, who took care of the translation. My apologies to him for holding this thing hostage. QC was handled by the folks over at LWB as well.

Links and Description Below.

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[Namboku] Family Planning (COMIC Kairakuten 2012-11)


So here’s the random release I mentioned a few posts back, courtesy of Lasertym via E-H’s bounty system. This is a bit of a different piece. It’s definitely a situation where a wife would end up being NTR’d, but it doesn’t go there… or I guess it would be more appropriate to say that it doesn’t go all the way there. Also different is that the guy in the position of doing the NTR’ing isn’t trying to steal the wife away. No intent whatsoever. As for myself, this is a first. Not NTR in my book, hence the lack of an NTR tag, but I’ll let you all be the judge by the end of this.

Anyway, the translator who stepped up to claim Lasertym’s bounty this time was Ackeejag of Pineapple’s r’ Us. I took care of the editing and QC as usual at the request of Lasertym. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T. I should have one more doujin release coming out to round out 2012. If not, well, enjoy the New Year. I know I will be~

No Links due to take down request, but there is a description below.

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[Kon-Kit] Ane Gang-Rape (COMIC Situation Play Vol. 12)

So today’s another random release brought to you by Lasertym via E-H’s bounty system. Those with a discerning eye might notice that the heroine in this one-shot looks familiar. If not, well, she makes her first appearance in the first chapter of Kon-Kit’s Honey Dip manga. Seems he went and made a bunch of chapters with her in it fucking guys other than her husband under various circumstances lol. This one-shot is in the same vein.

Anyway, the translator who stepped up to claim Lasertym’s bounty was Malone of Munyu Heavy Industries (proprietors of a lot of nice exhibitionism stuff if, like me, you’re into that stuff). I took care of the editing as usual at Lasertym’s request. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T. Also, got a few more things I’ll be doing for him in due time.

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[Jin] Fujun Kouyuu (COMIC Megastore 2010-07)


And another random release. This time, a one-shot manga chapter from July 2010 issue of Comic Megastore. By a relatively recently popular artist too. Jin is the artist behind this one-shot today. If you’re familiar with MTSP’s doujin work, you’ll likely recognize the artwork. That is because MTSP is Jin’s doujin work name.

Unlike his popular (in my opinion) Fate/Stay Night doujin series, Tohsaka-ke no Jijou, and his Sakiko-san original doujins, this one-shot is very tame compared to those. Yes, there is cheating, hence the tag, but it’s no where close to the main focus. Just a teacher getting it on with her student.

Anyhoos, this doujin is brought to you once again by Lasertym, who sponsored the translation through E-H’s bounty system. The translation this time was provided by Kamikakushi, who I believe is the same one linked in my link list on the right. In any case, I took care of the editing at Lasertym’s request once again as well. And for a fourth time now, Lasertym has made me feel special. So Happy T_T. Links and description below.

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[SINK] Kanjyuku Ch. 7 (Restart)

And another chapter of Kanjyuku for you guys. After last chapter’s unusually happy atmosphere, we’re back to SINK’s usual fare, housewives/mature women succumbing to dicks that don’t belong to their husbands/significant others. I daresay SINK’s got this genre down pat.

As per usual, credits for the translation go to Tadanohito.

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