Trash Box 001

Here’s an IDOLM@STER doujin that was apparently in development hell before it finally landed in my hands. Anyway, it’s a doujin featuring a lot of the newer idols (well, I guess they aren’t “new” anymore) getting a page or two. Most are either getting taken advantage of or being prostitutes. There’s no real story here, so can’t really give a good description, but hey, still kinda hot. Just needed some big tits in it, though. My only real letdown about this.

Translation was handled by biribiri who knows how long ago. Editing was taken care of by Codegeman and biribiri. I was just called upon to handle the typesetting. The scans of this doujin were provided by Kalevala as well. Flammz was the person that commissioned the effort. He’s a pretty cool dude~

Link and Gallery Below.

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LoliBoku 056

After another excruciatingly long wait, chapter 3 of Quzilax’s loli manga is here. Sure hope no one’s been waiting for this… Not too many people, that is… <_<

Excuses aside, this chapter focuses on a struggling mangaka who’s decided that the only way to make progress on his loli manga is to kidnap a real loli and use her as reference material. Of course, that means fucking her brains out, all for the sake of his loli manga. Such a noble goal *nod nod*.

Translation and editing was handled by biribiri, and I took care of the typesetting. The scans of this manga are provided by Kalevala as well.

Link Below.

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It’s been a while since I last did something with LWB. I need to stop being a stranger over there.

Anyway, do not adjust your monitors. That is indeed a transparent turd you see Ayase shitting out on the cover. As expected of Yami ni Ugomeku. That should be a clear indication of the kinds of fetishes you’ll find in this doujin. Well, if you’re already familiar with Yami ni Ugomeku’s work, then you probably wouldn’t have expected any less.

Anyway, we have another OreImo doujin (The last one I did here) featuring the cover girl above and Kyousuke. Ayase decides she needs to take care of each and every one of his ‘needs’ to help him better concentrate on studying when she does a browser history check and finds out Kyousuke has been searching for all manner of debauched pics/vids of her. “I would have done all this if you had just asked”. And so, their tale of lewdness begins from there.

Translation was provided by Dark Mac of Little White Butterflies while I handled the editing. QC was provided by the guys over at LWB as well.

Anyway, link and gallery below.

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Loli to Bokurano 001

Here’s something relatively new… sort of. This is a new manga that I’m working on with Biribiri. I actually did the first chapter many, many, many moons ago, but never posted it here. After that, I decided to flake out on Biri for around, hmm… about 6 months on this <_< So chapter 2 is actually the newest chapter after 6 months of procrastination on my end. I decided to stop being a douche to Biri, in other words :3

Chapter 3 has been ready for me to get to for nearly equally as long as well, so I’ll get to that eventually. There are many, many things I am overdue to get to at the moment. Anyway, lolis galore in these two chapters. First chapter is about a guy presumably fucking his lunch-turned-loli. The second chapter, though, while happy sex, comes attached with some feelz. So just warned about that.

Well, a little something to break the month-long drought here. And Happy Holidays to you folks. I’ll release at least one more thing today (which was actually done weeks ago, and not by me).

In any case, translation and editing was handled by biribiri, and I took care of the typesetting. The scans of this manga are provided by Kalevala as well. So it’s pretty HQ.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Here is the 10th part (12th doujin overall) to Nounai Kanojo’s Touhou doujin series. It’s been a long wait, hasn’t it? It’s been a year since the Suwako part was released at C82. And I only added to the wait by dragging my feet getting to this edit T_T. Well anyway, it’s finally here. As can be seen, Suika returns for the Nanashi full course after having an appetizer way back in Reimu’s part (2nd doujin in the series). Of course, booze is involved, and pissing lolis as a cherry on top (there’s a reason for it).

Now then, in this doujin, the person responsible for this whole turn of events is revealed, as well as their true motive. It was kinda obvious who was behind it all (or at least I thought it was) if you read Yukari’s part. If you didn’t and/or didn’t make the connection, well, no need to guess anymore. She’ll (the reveal) will be the focus of the story from here on out.

So, with that outta the way, all that’s left now is to work our way to the conclusion. It appears Flan and Koishi will be next to encounter Nanashi, so says Kishiri Toworu, which I expected would eventually happen. I would suspect there to be one or two more doujins left until he wraps it up. I guess he kinda has to since I think he’s running out flat-chest Touhous (that could provide something to the story) for Nanashi to fuck :3

Once again, Kinsei who provided the translation, and I handled (quite slowly) the editing. Well then, until the next part. The next Kouroumu or perhaps C85?

Links and Gallery Below

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SKB48 001-999

Contrary to the cover, no bondage is had in this doujin

After a some time off, pesu and Ean drop off another Touhou doujin. Suwako and Kanako take center stage in this one. Suwako discovers that her bust size has gotten smaller, and is none too pleased about it. Kanako tries to explain that as a god, this is how her believers want her to look, but Suwako takes further offense when she sees how Kanako (a god as well) has turned out. And then to add insult to injury, Suwako reveals that she’s also grown a dick. Guess her believers wanted her to an adorable Futanari Loli.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I took care of the QC.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Mm… Another Cute Loli…

Now it’s time for the end of “Shall We Game” by Sasahara Yuuki. This here be the last chapter of the book. A simple story. A cute loli gets all hot and bothered while climbing a pole, loses her grip, then falls. But she’s saved by another cute loli’s older brother, who appears to be a teacher. They then proceed to make sweet love to the pole-climbing loli. Did I mention that they are still at school when this is happening?

And with that, that brings a long-awaited end to another Sasahara Yuuki book. Big thanks to YQII for letting me help him finish it up. If you’d like more Sasahara Yuuki loli goodness, I do recommend his “Ohisama no Nioi no Suru Shoujo” book. It is golden! Hop over to Team Vanilla and check it out if you need more of his top-tier lolis.

In any case, YQII handled the translation while I took on the editing.

Anyway, links below.

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Here’s a new release after over a week, an older one-shot chapter by Sakurafubuki Nel. This guy is one of my top fave loli artists mainly cuz he does a fair amount of loli buttfucking. My guilty pleasure!

In any case, this is a simple little Father-Daughter incest story. So, this chapter was previously available as a rewrite a long, long time ago. Then recently, it was supposedly ‘translated’, but Rinruririn, the translator, thought it was still didn’t do enough justice, so he decided to re-translate it. So here it is.

As mentioned above, Rinruririn of Team Vanilla provided the translation while I handled the editing. QC was provided by the Team Vanilla folks as well.

In other news, got one more thing that should be working its way through the pipes over at LWB/TV in a day or two. As for the last chapter of the first volume World Is Mine, it seems the guy I sent the chapter to a week ago is holding it back for reasons unknown to me, so whenever he decides to post it, that’s when I’ll release it here. Also, the same guy has commissioned the 2nd volume of World Is Mine off to SaHa, so look for it there whenever. That is all.

In any case, links and description below.

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DPR2 001Delicious Flat Chest Hinanawi Tenshi plays the part of Delicious Peach~

Here’s pesu and Ean again delivering another Touhou doujin, from C83 this time around, for all to enjoy. This time, featuring a Futanari Nagae Iku going to town on a Deliciously Flat-Chested, slightly unwilling, but submissive Hinanawi Tenshi. There is a first part, but pesu decided that it wasn’t worth doing, so there’s no intentions of getting it done unless he suddenly changes his mind.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. All I did was offer input on the QC side of things (the easy stuff).

I’m short on time, so no Description (for now, at least), but Links are available. Title is a lie too.

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001Loli Vampire Overflowing With Charisma~

So, after over a week of generally slacking off, here’s a new Touhou release for you all. This time, Remilia Scarlet takes center stage. What’s more, she’s donning her Curiosities of Lotus Asia outfit (if you’re aware of the difference. If not, it’s no big deal). Kind of a funny little piece involving Remilia finding a dirty book in the library, then kidnapping a poor human to try it with.

I’ve actually had the script for this since early December, before YQII went on his temporary hiatus, but due to aforementioned general slacking off, I only got to it just a few days ago. There’s quite a bit of things on my To-Do list suffering from that right now. Seriously, I’m terrible at managing my projects T_T

Anyway, this was translated by YQII. I handled the editing as usual.

With that said, Links and Description below.

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