Here’s the 3rd completed manga and unfortunately, the last under the Nemui-Afro Thunda regime. I’ve been a fan of Nagare Ippon since forever. Even if you don’t like him for some of his stories, you can’t deny the fact that the guy has some of the best artwork in the business. He’s a master of the Ahegao (the ever so recognizable “Fucked Silly Face”) and he draws plenty of anal too (my personal favorite fetishes among many, many others), so I’m always happy to see when he publishes new stuff.

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Hello there, Mio. Wait a sec! You’re not Mio!

So here’s something I did on a whim after seeing Ooishi Chuuni’s new book. This is a re-edit of a then magazine chapter that had been commissioned to and translated by Biribiri a long time ago. So it’s sorta/kinda a joint between me and him. There’s three other chapters I’m planning to re-edit from this book, two of them having been translated previously by Biribiri (Do visit his site) as well and another that was translated elsewhere. Those will come in due time. Gotta make progress on some of my other projects first ^_^.

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Here is my first full Tankoubon edit as an editor for Nemui. And for myself, it couldn’t have been a better artist to work on. I sure do love me some Kotoyoshi Yumisuke. He draws those big breasts that I love. The raw that we used was given to us by a kind person by the name of Setebos. He had initially planned to commission this, but upon seeing the way the story went (which most people should know about by now), decided against it. A few emails later, I had his scan and work began on it. I sure did enjoy editing this.

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I bet you can’t guess what one of the main fetishes is in this manga :3

Here’s Warashibe’s most recent manga. As I mentioned in the Otome Gokoro post, this guy is one of my current favorite artists. So when I found out that he was coming out with a new book, I immediately made plans to get it done with Nemui. Nemui only managed to get chapter 1 done before he disappeared. So I asked Yoroshii if he would help me finish this and accepted. THANK YOU, YOROSHII!!! Anyone visiting my site should go and thank him. He’s been a great help to me in keeping these projects alive.

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Here’s my second full book edit that Nemui and I did together. I have this book to thank for discovering Warashibe. I personally think his artwork is great, which is why I decided to pick up his newest book (still in the works). It seemed a lot of people liked it too, so I was glad to have been able to work on it.

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Here’s another completed book reposted, Kikuichi Monji’s Anal Backer. It’s also another of my first edits when I joined Nemui. We only did chapters 3, 5 and 6 of this book though. Chapters 1-2 and 4 had been translated by Hentai-Empire and SaHa, respectively. In the case of SaHa’s translation, he had done his using the magazine scans, so I took his translation and re-edited it using the tank scans. So it’s all in glorious tank scan quality, just the way I like my H-manga *nod nod*

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And this is the last repost for the Doujin/One-Shots section. This was a doujin I had decided to re-edit because I was unsatisfied with the previous translation and edit job on it. It was done by one of my current favorite artists, so I thought it deserved better than what it got at first. And deserve better it did.

Because I had doubts about the previous translation, I asked Biribiri to be the TL Check. What I got back from him was basically a retranslation. The differences between the two versions are quite…. Well, they’re very different. So if you like, consider this a freebie translation from Biribiri.

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Shinzui Summer 2 - 024

And yet another edit of mine I did with Nemui. We picked this story out the Toranoana Anthology, Shinzui Summer Vol. 2. It’s another one of my favorite artists, Ichitaka (aka. Crazy9 for doujin work). The way he draws his girls makes them look like they’d be really soft if you touched them… anywhere. He gives them big breasts and big asses and I love him for that.

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Here’s another edit of mine that I did with Nemui. It’s by one of my current favorite artists, Jun (aka. Rojiura Jack for doujin work). I recommend checking out more of his works if you haven’t already. Yoroshii’s done quite a bit of stuff by him. And I’ve gotten word that Jun’s first tankoubon is due out come the end of October. I will personally be looking forward to that one.

In this short one-shot, we have Nakaoka Akira who’s studying to become a lawyer. After reaching his limit, he goes to grab a beer only to find out that he’s run out, so he puts out to call to have some delivered. Who comes to deliver the beer is Mikawa Akemi. After putting in more orders over time, they get to know each other. And on one particular day, she comes to have some beer with him and they get a little drunk. She lays herself down to sleep off the booze, but teases Akira just before doing so. Of course, with the booze coursing through his system and her sexy body laying right before his eyes, he can’t control himself. So Akemi gets a good ol’ hentai raping for her troubles. Also, Akira does something to her that I hear is potentially dangerous in real life.