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[Akino Sora] Maihime Ch. 3 (My snow #1)

Maihime 041

Well, here’s the third chapter of Maihime. As mentioned a long while back, this will be the last chapter that YQII and I do of this manga. But anyway, it’s got incest and Happy Sex, so +1. A brother doing his totally tsundere little sister.

As usual, the translation was handled by YQII, and I took care of the editing.

Description Below.

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[Akino Sora] Maihime Ch. 2 (Study Together)

Maihime 019

The second chapter of Maihime is here. We’ve got a guy who’s down in the dumps after being dumped by his girlfriend (totally his fault as you’ll see), but not to worry! His sister, Aya, is gonna help him out by giving him some experience, and at the same time, gaining some experience for herself for when she meets her significant other. Both of them have zero experience total, by the way.

As usual, the translation was handled by YQII, and I took care of the editing.

In other news, we’re aware that Doujin-Moe suddenly decided to jump on this book, but since Doujin-Moe isn’t exactly known for their quality (which YQII confirmed himself after looking over what they did), we’ve decided to continue on regardless. So, it’s not dropped.

No links anymore due to take down request.

[Nagare Ippon] Meat Hole Ch. 6 ( Brother – Wife)

Meat Hole 000a

Today, I’ve got something that I’ve been holding hostage for God knows how long. Long enough for me to have to beg forgiveness from biribiri and DrtyBird, that’s for sure. I am a douche and am unworthy of both you… I’m sorry T_T.

Anyway, this is chapter 6 out of Nagare Ippon’s Meat Hole book. Did I mention that this guy is totally one of my favorite artists? Seriously, he draws like a god. Check out his Boku no Shiranai Kanojo no Kao Book for more Nagare Ippon goodness :3

Credits for the translation go to biribiri who I held out on for an undisclosed amount of time. DrtyBird was responsible for commissioning the chapter to Biri. And I (finally) handled the editing.

I don’t intend this to be the last time I see Nagare Ippon as I do want to go back and do the re-edits for the Meat Hole book (the chapters that need it, anyway), but as with all my planned re-edits, it’ll probably be a while before I actually get to it as I take care of more recent things that come my way. Those re-edits have not been forgotten! Just shelved. Oh, and one more release later today.

In any case, Links and Description below.

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[SubeSube1kg (Narita Kyousha)] Nine to Five Lover 5 (Original)


Whew boy! It’s been a while since my last release. Well, I have school to thank for the unintended break. The last few weeks were hectic with upcoming tests, and homework that needed to be completed before that time. All that combined made for a magnificent time sink on the editing front. Things have cooled down now, so I think I can get back to editing in a timely manner… for the time being, at least.

With that said, here’s something it seems many people have been looking forward to seeing: The 5th volume of Narita Kyousha’s Nine to Five Lover series. It just kinda wound up in my hands. Ironic since this series began with the vanished Nemui who I partnered with back in my humble beginnings (bless his soul wherever he may be T_T).

Well, nothing new to really say about this. If you’ve been following the series, Yukie’s still fucking her son, but this time, they’re visiting her husband’s family. And it’s a good day for Yukie to get pregnant as well~ This is kinda a double feature too, as Yukie’s pregnant sister-in-law is visiting too, and she gets it on with her husband. So pregnant fucking too! One can only hope that we get that with Yukie eventually. I certainly look forward to that possibility :3

In any case, this was project sponsored via E-H’s bounty system. The ones responsible for sponsoring it were Slobber, Binglo, Boggyb, and Revsex. The one who took up the translation bounty was Ackeejag of Pineapples r’ Us. I handle the editing and did the QC too. The raw was provided by Bluntobject and Kalevala.

Anyway, links and Gallery below.

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[DT Koubou (DAIGO)] S-type Mom’s Strict Baby-making Sex Education


Here’s something else I was involved in. A one-shot doujin by DAIGO about a mom concerned about her son’s grades. And then concern about her son’s grades quickly turns to concern about if her son is interested in women or not. So she takes it upon herself to make sure that he is because that is what responsible mothers do~

I haven’t seen something by DAIGO in a long, long time, but it’s pretty obvious that the time was well spent brushing up and improving his artwork. I mean, it seems like he’s taken about 20 steps forward in terms of artwork compared to his earlier works. The lady looks really, really good :3

In any case, the translation was done by Red Vodka to fill a bounty put up by Marien on E-H. He also typeset the doujin. All I did was handle the cleaning.

Links and Gallery below.

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[Ozawa Reido] Ririko In Heat (COMIC Shingeki 2012-02)


Here’s another release done as a joint with the cool guys over at Team Vanilla, a one-shot chapter by Ozawa Reido. He goes by the name of Sekai Kakumei Club when doing doujin work.

I personally like his artwork a lot, but be careful if you go looking for more of his stuff, or well, his doujin work. He draws scat. Not a problem for me, but some might not be able to handle it. That’s not a problem in this one-shot, but there is a fair amount of pissing~

In any case, this is a simple Brother-Sister incest story. The sister hasn’t gotten sick, causing her trip to the amusement park with her brother to be called off. He promises to stay by her side and nurse her back to health and she takes full advantage of his promise. After all, one way to help cure a cold is to sweat it out~

Red Vodka of Team Vanilla was the one who provided the translation this time around. I handled the editing as usual. QC was provided by the Team Vanilla folks as well.

In any case, links and gallery below.

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[Sakurafubuki Nel] A Woman’s Form (COMIC LO 2009-11)


Here’s a new release after over a week, an older one-shot chapter by Sakurafubuki Nel. This guy is one of my top fave loli artists mainly cuz he does a fair amount of loli buttfucking. My guilty pleasure!

In any case, this is a simple little Father-Daughter incest story. So, this chapter was previously available as a rewrite a long, long time ago. Then recently, it was supposedly ‘translated’, but Rinruririn, the translator, thought it was still didn’t do enough justice, so he decided to re-translate it. So here it is.

As mentioned above, Rinruririn of Team Vanilla provided the translation while I handled the editing. QC was provided by the Team Vanilla folks as well.

In other news, got one more thing that should be working its way through the pipes over at LWB/TV in a day or two. As for the last chapter of the first volume World Is Mine, it seems the guy I sent the chapter to a week ago is holding it back for reasons unknown to me, so whenever he decides to post it, that’s when I’ll release it here. Also, the same guy has commissioned the 2nd volume of World Is Mine off to SaHa, so look for it there whenever. That is all.

In any case, links and description below.

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[Miyabi Tsuzuru] In Bed with Your Desire (COMIC Kairakuten 2009-01)


So here’s the actual newest thing after my having to endure the aftermath of Hurricane “Kill All Humans On The East Coast” Sandy (i.e., This wasn’t done prior to me visiting the Dark Ages for 10 days). A short one-shot by Miyabi Tsuzuru who just so happens to be another of my favorite artists largely because dem bodies he draws on the girls! And he draws n grade A+ Milf too. Hell, the guy has grade A+ artwork in general, in my opinion. Certainly a feast for the eyes, that is, if you like your girls nice and healthy.

In any case, this is another random release brought to you by Lasertym via E-H’s bounty system. The translator who stepped up to translate this time was Kuruwasan. KirbyDances of EHCove provided TLC/QC while I took care of the editing as usual. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T

No Links due to take down request, but a description is still available.

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[Sakaki Utamaru] Nuki x Sen Ch. 6 (Open House)

Time for another dose of Sakaki Utamaru’s thick and healthy women. We’re dealing with a slut teacher and an exposed slut mother this time around. In the real world, this would be a life-changing experience if they saw their mother like this. But it’s hentai, so it’s totally not surprising!

In any case, credits for the translation go to Brolen. And the editing was handled by myself and Torn as per usual.

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(C82) [Motchie Kingdom (Motchie)] If It’s Nii-chan, Nothing Else Matters (Bakemonogatari)


And another C82 project out the gates. This time, a Bakemonogatari doujin by Motchie Kingdom (Motchie for non-doujin work). It’s funny to see this artist draw such a young character, especially since I only know him for his drawings of awesome MILF characters. In any case, this doujin is his take on the infamous(?) tooth brushing scene in Nisemonogatari.

Translations were provided by Chraim of Team Vanilla while I handled the editing as usual. QC was provided by the folks at Team Vanilla as well. The C82 pile is lessening now, only have one more C82 doujin to work through (the one at the right) at this moment, so I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled stuff in a day or two. In case anyone’s missed it, Fuetakishi’s newest entry in the Fukuyama series, Fukuyama-san 5, was done by the fine folks over at The Lusty Lady Project, so do pay them a visit and leave your thanks if you so feel the need.

Anyway, links and description below.

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