Took much longer than intended to get this doujin done (I took a week off for no reason too), but I sure hope the time I took attempting to make it look good is worth it for you all. On the plate today is a Prison School doujin by Rojiura Jack (a.k.a. Jun) featuring Midorikawa Hana. It’s a simple situation here. She wants to get back at Kiyoshi by showing him that kissing means nothing to her. Somehow, it leads to her getting buttfucked. She seems to be a girl who doesn’t have much in the luck department.

And poor Jun. The reason he’s been scarce for what seems like forever? He’s been suffering a severe writer’s block T_T (see the afterword). I hope he can manage to get over that eventually cuz I sure do love the thick women with the big tits he likes to draw~ He should totally do a brown girl story eventually. Yes, this would please me greatly :3

The translation was handled by KirbyDances of LWB. I took care of the editing, of course. QC was handled by the good folks at LWB.

Anyway, links and gallery below.

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Here’s another edit of mine that I did with Nemui. It’s by one of my current favorite artists, Jun (aka. Rojiura Jack for doujin work). I recommend checking out more of his works if you haven’t already. Yoroshii’s done quite a bit of stuff by him. And I’ve gotten word that Jun’s first tankoubon is due out come the end of October. I will personally be looking forward to that one.

In this short one-shot, we have Nakaoka Akira who’s studying to become a lawyer. After reaching his limit, he goes to grab a beer only to find out that he’s run out, so he puts out to call to have some delivered. Who comes to deliver the beer is Mikawa Akemi. After putting in more orders over time, they get to know each other. And on one particular day, she comes to have some beer with him and they get a little drunk. She lays herself down to sleep off the booze, but teases Akira just before doing so. Of course, with the booze coursing through his system and her sexy body laying right before his eyes, he can’t control himself. So Akemi gets a good ol’ hentai raping for her troubles. Also, Akira does something to her that I hear is potentially dangerous in real life.