Delicious Head Maid, Indeed~

As promised Here, here’s the second doujin by kinntarou that was commissioned by qazmlpok. Personally, I liked this one better cuz Meiling and Sakuya are hawt :3

Rinruririn was the one who translated again, and I took care of the editing at the request qazmlpok. Also, Rinruririn takes translation commissions, so if you’d like to consider him, you can contact him at rinruritrans[at]gmail.com for further details/info.

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Yuuka’s the flower set to devour. Guess who the fly caught in her ‘trap’ is. Shouldn’t be very hard.

Here’s a bit of a random release that I bumped ahead of the queue. We’ve got a Touhou doujin featuring Gensokyo’s Most Beautiful Flower, Kazami Yuuka. Oh, and her captive for the evening.

This was a commissioned translation that was done by Rinruririn. The one who commissioned him was qazmlpok, who then asked if I’d be willing to edit the doujin. I suppose the answer is obvious, right? If not, yea, I took up the offer.

Anyway, if one feels like it, do consider Rinruririn if you want to commission a translation. You can contact him at rinruritrans[at]gmail.com for further details/info. Now then, qazmlpok has commissioned another doujin from this artist to Rinruririn which I’ll be starting work on soon, so look forward to that in due time.

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