Here we have a third, two-part Touhou doujin by Namidame (Ruiketsuan). The second part was done by hato (Heart’s Nest). And as you may have come to expect by now if you’ve read the previous two of Namidame’s doujins that I’ve done, it’s focused on Touhous having things done to their buttholes. Nitori and the inhabitants of the SDM take the stage in the first part, and Suwako headlines the second.

In Namidame’s part, Nitori runs a Sex Toys shop, and one customer comes looking for things related to Anal Training. Well, Nitori has plenty of things of that nature, and the SDM girls have the pleasure of showcasing those items. In hato’s part, Suwako holds a ritual of sorts where she lets humans have their way with her butthole. She calls it a miracle. After that’s done, another ritual of sorts is held to ‘heal’ Suwako. Humans having their way with Suwako’s butthole is also involved. Also includes a quaint Quintuple Penetration scene. Probably won’t see too many of those… ever.

Once again, this was a joint effort between Anonygoo of Anonymous Blob, and myself. Especially big props to Anonygoo for his patience considering how long I’ve held this thing hostage for. To Anonygoo, I’m a douche, and I’m sorry. I’m not worthy of your time T_T. This still isn’t the last of Namidame’s stuff that we’ve planned to do, by the way. Anyway, Link and Gallery below.

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And now we find out why things have become the way they are.

And now, after one year, we have the conclusion to Alice no Takarabako’s Touhou story. You can pick up the first part at Little White Butterflies, which I did around April 2011, and the second part from here, which I did around May of last year. So get reacquainted with Touhou Meets the Real World.

I won’t spoil it too much in case there is actually someone interested in how things turned out this way. But Remilia and the rest of the SDM makes their appearance and take center stage in this doujin. Meanwhile, Toyohime and Yorihime along with Eirin and Kaguya are doing their own thing, which they reveal. And lots and lots of sex is had in the process. Every character in the Touhou series (minus the PC98 ones) makes an appearance one way or another. Even Mima (who knocks on the 4th wall).

Anyway, this was once again a joint effort between Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies who kindly provided the translation, and myself who took care of the editing. And once again, Kalevala of Kalevala Scans provided his own scan for us to work of.

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Squeezing Night 001

And here’s another entry by pesu and Ean to break the drought here. This time, we have a Sakuya doujin. Remilia is once again influenced by a “thin book” she found somewhere, and now wants to try human semen. Before she can go off to do so, Sakuya volunteers to collect it for her. There’s actually no actual sex in this. Just Sakuya using her lovely body parts to get a group of guys to cum for her, all so Remi can have cum to drink~

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I took care of the QC.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Delicious Head Maid, Indeed~

As promised Here, here’s the second doujin by kinntarou that was commissioned by qazmlpok. Personally, I liked this one better cuz Meiling and Sakuya are hawt :3

Rinruririn was the one who translated again, and I took care of the editing at the request qazmlpok. Also, Rinruririn takes translation commissions, so if you’d like to consider him, you can contact him at rinruritrans[at]gmail.com for further details/info.

Links and Description Below.

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Devil's Cafe 001

You don’t get just one Koakuma in Devil’s Cafe, you get many!

Here’s another one from pesu and Ean. This makes two releases in a row on my site for them. I should totally stop slacking off. Well, I’ve updated my list on the right finally, so expect those eventually. The last chapter of the first volume of World Is Mine is already underway.

Anyway, in this this Touhou doujin, Patchouli gives managing a business a try and, with the help of a group of Koakumas she brought in (they’re all unique), ends up helping a guy and his sister’s business prosper during an economic crisis. While that’s all well and good, her method of doing so is quite… questionable. Great if you’re a guy, but questionable nonetheless. Perhaps she forgot it was supposed to be a regular cafe somewhere down the line.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. And this time, I also helped out with the editing by doing a few redraws as well as provided QC.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Here’s the start of a new manga that I’ll be doing, Oohashi Takayuki’s World Is Mine. Just from doing the first chapter, I can tell this is gonna be kinda “lolwut?”. Well, I guess if you’ve seen any of his other work, you’d know he has a particular penchant for the lolwut? in his stuff. But hey! The artwork is great and the sex is hot (and extra, extra kinky, so +1 for that), so I’ll definitely enjoy helping bring this to you guys.

So, this is actually a bounty edit that I stepped up to cover for G Just G who posted said bounty on E-H. The one responsible for handling the translating is xenexegesis. So, I guess this makes it another random type release. Heh. More to come in due time.

Anyway, links and description below.

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Here’s the 3rd completed manga and unfortunately, the last under the Nemui-Afro Thunda regime. I’ve been a fan of Nagare Ippon since forever. Even if you don’t like him for some of his stories, you can’t deny the fact that the guy has some of the best artwork in the business. He’s a master of the Ahegao (the ever so recognizable “Fucked Silly Face”) and he draws plenty of anal too (my personal favorite fetishes among many, many others), so I’m always happy to see when he publishes new stuff.

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I bet you can’t guess what one of the main fetishes is in this manga :3

Here’s Warashibe’s most recent manga. As I mentioned in the Otome Gokoro post, this guy is one of my current favorite artists. So when I found out that he was coming out with a new book, I immediately made plans to get it done with Nemui. Nemui only managed to get chapter 1 done before he disappeared. So I asked Yoroshii if he would help me finish this and accepted. THANK YOU, YOROSHII!!! Anyone visiting my site should go and thank him. He’s been a great help to me in keeping these projects alive.

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Here we have a Touhou doujin featuring Izayoi Sakuya and Yakumo Yukari (and a little bit of Remilia Scarlet). Clanc of Team Vanilla. I’ve done quite a few Touhou doujins for LWB/Team Vanilla, so if you’re a fan of Touhou, whether it be happy sex or otherwise (the LWB side), then you can go to those places and find more.

In any case, so Yukari’s come to pay a visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but not to see Remilia. She has business with the resident head maid, Sakuya. Yukari, using her broken ability, gets down to some stealth teasing with Sakuya as her target. Then shortly after Sakuya runs out after the stealth teasing session, they meet again for some sex. This time, Yukari uses her ability to turn herself into a Futanari. She uses it again to summon more dicks (people) to fuck Sakuya, then she uses it one more time which ends up bringing Remilia into the middle of the group session, and they all get fucked. Quite a convenient ability this Yukari has, especially when it has no defined limits, don’t you think?

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