Hello there, people. I finally managed to get this Fukuyama-san doujin done. Only took me a year to do it… No joke. Pretty terrible on my part, which only makes the saint-like patience of Celltf to endure the wait that much more saintly (he commissioned the scan). So kudos to him. Hopefully with this out of the way, I’ll be able to get back into a good workflow. Next thing up is finishing Momoiro Daydream. Hoping to have that done within the week. No promises, though~

On to the work at hand. Here’s possibly the last installment of the Fukuyama-san series. It felt like an ending of sorts, at the very least. Only Fuetakishi knows, but it seems that he’s moved on to Elf girls now, which is a great thing. I plan to do those doujins myself in the near future. Anyway, this is everything you’ve come to know and love about Fukuyama-san over the years. Nothing different, except she dons a nurse’s uniform and much sex is had.

This was a joint project between myself and Team Vanilla The translation was handled by Gurumao of Team Vanilla, and I took care of the editing. The scan was commissioned by Celltf, and the scanner was Lord of Evil.

Anyway, links below.

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Rewrite Clinic 2 - 000a

Hello, folks. It’s been a long, long while since my last release. That’s because I’ve been quite lazy. Can’t be helped, right? Anyway, to make up for the long lull, I’ve got a full manga for you guys. It was a request from Tadanohito to help him finish up his last manga translation. This is Lucky Clinic, or Rewrite Clinic 2, whichever you prefer to call it. You can find the first volume on his site.

Anyway, if you’ve read the first volume already, then you already know what to expect. If not, well, it’s just a bunch nurses and doctors fucking various patients who are hospitalized. We follow the daily escapades of a porn star who decides to become a nurse, and well… lots of sex occurs, though it is all done in an attempt to help her patients better their lives. Provided you can get past the horrible whiteout censorship, it’s a fun read… but that censorship, mang 🙁

As mentioned, Tadanohito is the translator, and this manga is his last, and I took care of the editing.

Links and Gallery below.
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Time for a little bit of Nurse action

After yet another hiatus (last release was in April), here’s chapter 4 of Gutto Onedari. Sure is a slow rate of release for this project, isn’t it? My apologies to those who are looking forward to this manga. And the slow rate seems set to continue with Yoroshii’s recent absence.

As many of you likely already know, his last release on his site was at the beginning of May. Since then, I’ve emailed him a few times (most recent being a couple days ago), but he hasn’t responded back, so I can only guess that he’s gotten really busy IRL. Hopefully, he’ll come back to us eventually. Until then, this and the other projects he was helping me with will be back on hiatus. I do have the script for chapter 5 of Gutto Onedari, though, so that’ll see one more release before it goes on hiatus.

In any case, translations courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. As with the previous chapters, only straight buttfucking here. As I said, it’s the running theme throughout the whole book. Lovers of ass, rejoice!

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A Nurse and an Office Lady, both with huge tits. I like.

This marks the second Christmas release for the day here. Though I say “Christmas,” there’s nothing Christmas-y about these chapters. Just two chapters featuring a big-titted nurse and office lady. But still! It’s good stuff in my skewed opinion, so forgive me if anyone tends to disagree. In any case, with these two chapters, this completes the Love Doll book. As mentioned last month, chapters 1-4 (a story featuring a futa) were done by SaHa a long time ago. Chapters 5-6 were done by the MIA Nemui. And Yoroshii, who I should honestly be a personal slave to right now for all his help, provided the translations for these last two chapters. Well, if you aren’t particularly fond of this release, don’t worry. The happy comes later on after this with the next release. In any case, continue on for descriptions and the links.

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Here’s the 3rd completed manga and unfortunately, the last under the Nemui-Afro Thunda regime. I’ve been a fan of Nagare Ippon since forever. Even if you don’t like him for some of his stories, you can’t deny the fact that the guy has some of the best artwork in the business. He’s a master of the Ahegao (the ever so recognizable “Fucked Silly Face”) and he draws plenty of anal too (my personal favorite fetishes among many, many others), so I’m always happy to see when he publishes new stuff.

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