Alice Cream mk2 - 001

Here’s the first of two Alice-centric Touhou doujins brought to you by Pesu and Ean. Alice gets busy with her lover in this one, and that’s all there is to it. Quick, simple, and happy. No having lewd things done to Alice against her will this time. Maybe some other time.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I helped out by providing the QC. The second Alice doujin probably in a couple days.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Whew boy! It’s been a while since my last release. Well, I have school to thank for the unintended break. The last few weeks were hectic with upcoming tests, and homework that needed to be completed before that time. All that combined made for a magnificent time sink on the editing front. Things have cooled down now, so I think I can get back to editing in a timely manner… for the time being, at least.

With that said, here’s something it seems many people have been looking forward to seeing: The 5th volume of Narita Kyousha’s Nine to Five Lover series. It just kinda wound up in my hands. Ironic since this series began with the vanished Nemui who I partnered with back in my humble beginnings (bless his soul wherever he may be T_T).

Well, nothing new to really say about this. If you’ve been following the series, Yukie’s still fucking her son, but this time, they’re visiting her husband’s family. And it’s a good day for Yukie to get pregnant as well~ This is kinda a double feature too, as Yukie’s pregnant sister-in-law is visiting too, and she gets it on with her husband. So pregnant fucking too! One can only hope that we get that with Yukie eventually. I certainly look forward to that possibility :3

In any case, this was project sponsored via E-H’s bounty system. The ones responsible for sponsoring it were Slobber, Binglo, Boggyb, and Revsex. The one who took up the translation bounty was Ackeejag of Pineapples r’ Us. I handle the editing and did the QC too. The raw was provided by Bluntobject and Kalevala.

Anyway, links and Gallery below.

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Here’s another of Lasertym’s bounties covered via E-H’s Bounty system. It’s the continuation of Xration’s Princess Knight Taming (or Hime Kishi Tame) story. If you’ve read the first, then you already know what to expect. If you haven’t, well, there’s a nice little summary that’ll bring you up to speed. But if you want the quick and dirty, monsters have learned the Tame ability, and they use it to tame women. Princess Knight Iltina is one such woman. Don’t think I need to go much further than that, yes?

In any case, as mentioned before, this was a bounty sponsored by Lasertym via the E-H Bounty system. The translator responsible for claiming the bounty this time was shark0week0. The editing was done by Ronan. I just helped by providing QC once again.

In other news, I’ll be helping out with another Shiwasu no Okina story in the coming days. Will also be doing some stuff with another translator soon too. And I’ve received the script for the next chapter of Dr.P’s Bokunchi no Mikage-san. So once I stop being lazy and knock out those doujins in my current queue to the right, that stuff can start making appearances.

In any case, links and gallery below.

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Here’s a new release after over a week, an older one-shot chapter by Sakurafubuki Nel. This guy is one of my top fave loli artists mainly cuz he does a fair amount of loli buttfucking. My guilty pleasure!

In any case, this is a simple little Father-Daughter incest story. So, this chapter was previously available as a rewrite a long, long time ago. Then recently, it was supposedly ‘translated’, but Rinruririn, the translator, thought it was still didn’t do enough justice, so he decided to re-translate it. So here it is.

As mentioned above, Rinruririn of Team Vanilla provided the translation while I handled the editing. QC was provided by the Team Vanilla folks as well.

In other news, got one more thing that should be working its way through the pipes over at LWB/TV in a day or two. As for the last chapter of the first volume World Is Mine, it seems the guy I sent the chapter to a week ago is holding it back for reasons unknown to me, so whenever he decides to post it, that’s when I’ll release it here. Also, the same guy has commissioned the 2nd volume of World Is Mine off to SaHa, so look for it there whenever. That is all.

In any case, links and description below.

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Devil's Cafe 001

You don’t get just one Koakuma in Devil’s Cafe, you get many!

Here’s another one from pesu and Ean. This makes two releases in a row on my site for them. I should totally stop slacking off. Well, I’ve updated my list on the right finally, so expect those eventually. The last chapter of the first volume of World Is Mine is already underway.

Anyway, in this this Touhou doujin, Patchouli gives managing a business a try and, with the help of a group of Koakumas she brought in (they’re all unique), ends up helping a guy and his sister’s business prosper during an economic crisis. While that’s all well and good, her method of doing so is quite… questionable. Great if you’re a guy, but questionable nonetheless. Perhaps she forgot it was supposed to be a regular cafe somewhere down the line.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. And this time, I also helped out with the editing by doing a few redraws as well as provided QC.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Here’s another Touhou doujin, courtesy of pesu and Ean once again. This time featuring the One-Armed Hermit, Ibaraki Kasen. I must admit, I do like Kasen for some reason. Not quite sure why. Must be the bandaged arm… I dunno, but I’d totally do her :3

Anyway, this doujin’s a little bit similar to this Patchouli doujin I did earlier this month. Kasen decides to give private lessons to a shota, something odd happens to Kasen (pretty vague in the doujin) and next thing you know, she’s having her lady parts inspected. It’s a little weird, but the sex is hot.

Also, there’s some extra illustrations at the end featuring a pregnant Youmu and Yuyuko, a double-dicked futa Youmu, and Kasen giving a titfuck.

In other news, Chapter 4 of World Is Mine is finally complete, so that should be coming out sooner or later (possibly later today?), and I’ve begun work on another random one-shot as well. I should be updating my “Working On” list to the right soon to attempt to push out releases before 2013 gets here. Not likely to go as planned, but at least you’ll all know what’s coming up in the near future.

In any case, Links and ExH Gallery below.

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I side with the “Plump Patchouli” faction.

Here’s a Touhou doujin featuring Touhou’s resident bookworm, Patchouli Knowledge. Anybody else prefer the plump Patchouli? I know I sure do. Plump girls… Delicious. In any case, this Touhou doujin was a joint project between Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies and myself.

Still on vacation, but I took this doujin before actually reaching my destination and finished it a few days ago. To my surprise though, where I’ve been staying doesn’t offer free internet (which is bullshit), so I haven’t had internet access for the last week and few days.

Luckily, I’ve managed to get a connection long enough to post this doujin ^_^. I should be back to normal operating business in another week (maybe), so hang tight until then. Stuff is being worked on in the meantime.

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And this is the last repost for the Doujin/One-Shots section. This was a doujin I had decided to re-edit because I was unsatisfied with the previous translation and edit job on it. It was done by one of my current favorite artists, so I thought it deserved better than what it got at first. And deserve better it did.

Because I had doubts about the previous translation, I asked Biribiri to be the TL Check. What I got back from him was basically a retranslation. The differences between the two versions are quite…. Well, they’re very different. So if you like, consider this a freebie translation from Biribiri.

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