Slight change of plans. Instead of the 5th chapter of Mochizuki-sensei today (tomorrow, I promise), I’ve got this one-shot chapter by Satomi Hidefumi out of the 7th volume of the Do Not Peep (Nozoite wa Ikenai) anthology series. And like the last two selections that I’ve done from that series (and that are still awaiting re-editions), ‘chocolate’ is involved :3. You know, that kind of chocolate~

Pretty simple chapter here. A girl visits a rumored haunted inn with her mystery club. Gets scared enough after watching a movie to the point that she can’t go to the bathroom alone, so makes one of the guys she came with go with her. When she’s taking too long in the bathroom (cuz, you know, the main theme of the entire anthology series), he goes in to check on her. Things go from there.

As with the last entries from the Do Not Peep anthology, this was brought to you courtesy of Goldenargo85 who commissioned the script from Rinruririn. And I took on the editing at the request of Goldenargo85. Goldenargo85 intends to sponsor more, but it’ll be a while until that time comes.

Anyhoos, Links and gallery below.

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Here’s a Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo doujin by Satomi Hidefumi. A really, really simple doujin about Shiina Mashiro going to the bathroom and making Sorata accompany her in the girls’ bathroom, and then making him wipe her. Oh yeah, and she takes a dump too. But it’s a normal dump. Nothing blown out of proportion. No brown stuff on the ceiling or anything like that. Just it being deposited in its rightful place: the toilet.

I should make plans to watch this series. I’ve heard a few good things about it. I’ve been slacking on my anime watching anyway since my summer break, so I need to get back into watching again.

In any case, this was another doujin that I was done by request of a person who commissioned Rinruririn for the translation.

Links and gallery below.

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