Here’s another doujin that was completed during my yearlong hiatus. This time, a Granblue Fantasy doujin (my first GBF doujin, at that) by the same group that did the Kantai Collection doujin I released awhile back. It features Vampire loli, Vampy-chan, rewarding Gran for his efforts. Sexy times ensue.

The translation was handled by Rinruririn (script translations can be commissioned from him), and I took care of the editing. The commissioner was Peganuss. The scanner was Kouya913.

Anyway, links below.

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A third release in a single month? Say it ain’t so! But it is true. I’m on a decent role (for now).

We’ve got another Uo Denim sighting today. This was supposed to be done a long, long, long time ago, but this was a victim of my extreme laziness. But as a result of the procrastination, this particular story wound up in Uo Denim’s first tankoubon. And that means significantly less censorship compared to its magazine counterpart which I would have worked on had I not been such a lazy bum. So it all worked out in the end. Yay! I’ll be looking to do more chapters out of that book eventually, including re-edits of the 3 chapters I’ve done already.

As per Uo Denim guidelines, this story also features a girl with a totally bangin’ body. And as an added bonus, she comes in the dark-skinned variety. Naruse comes to her upperclassman’s house because she’s in somewhat “dire” straights, as I guess one would be when they don’t have electricity at their place. He’s not really trying to be so accommodating, but she knows what his fetish is and she’s going to use it to her advantage to make her staying over worth his time.

The script was commissioned by CellTF, the translator he commissioned preferred to remain Anonymous, and I took care of the editing at his request.

Link Below.

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Hello there, people. I finally managed to get this Fukuyama-san doujin done. Only took me a year to do it… No joke. Pretty terrible on my part, which only makes the saint-like patience of Celltf to endure the wait that much more saintly (he commissioned the scan). So kudos to him. Hopefully with this out of the way, I’ll be able to get back into a good workflow. Next thing up is finishing Momoiro Daydream. Hoping to have that done within the week. No promises, though~

On to the work at hand. Here’s possibly the last installment of the Fukuyama-san series. It felt like an ending of sorts, at the very least. Only Fuetakishi knows, but it seems that he’s moved on to Elf girls now, which is a great thing. I plan to do those doujins myself in the near future. Anyway, this is everything you’ve come to know and love about Fukuyama-san over the years. Nothing different, except she dons a nurse’s uniform and much sex is had.

This was a joint project between myself and Team Vanilla The translation was handled by Gurumao of Team Vanilla, and I took care of the editing. The scan was commissioned by Celltf, and the scanner was Lord of Evil.

Anyway, links below.

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Another month, another release. Doesn’t seem like I’m doing a great job of picking up the pace on editing… Well, such is life, and I’m a lazy person. Still trying my best, though.

Anyway, we have a one-shot by Uo Denim who has quickly climbed the ranks to being among one of my favorite artists. Draws great tits and ass, a winning combination if you ask me :3. In this one-shot, we have Akiya confronting Asahina after seeing her come out of a love hotel with his dad. Seeing it as an opportunity to have some fun, she decides to fuck him to “buy his silence”. Lots of sex ensues. But who comes out on top in the end?

The script was commissioned by celltf, the translator he commissioned preferred to remain Anonymous, and I took care of the editing at his request. I have a couple more things from Uo Denim coming through the pipes as well. Look forward to them.

Link Below.

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Trash Box 001

Here’s an IDOLM@STER doujin that was apparently in development hell before it finally landed in my hands. Anyway, it’s a doujin featuring a lot of the newer idols (well, I guess they aren’t “new” anymore) getting a page or two. Most are either getting taken advantage of or being prostitutes. There’s no real story here, so can’t really give a good description, but hey, still kinda hot. Just needed some big tits in it, though. My only real letdown about this.

Translation was handled by biribiri who knows how long ago. Editing was taken care of by Codegeman and biribiri. I was just called upon to handle the typesetting. The scans of this doujin were provided by Kalevala as well. Flammz was the person that commissioned the effort. He’s a pretty cool dude~

Link and Gallery Below.

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Here’s the third Alice-centric Touhou doujin brought to you by Pesu and Ean. Much like the last Tonkotsu doujin, Alice gets busy with her lover once again. Still no lewd things being done to her against her will… Sadness T_T

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I helped out by providing the QC.

Links and Gallery Below.

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