M Kyoushi 061

Here we go with the 5th chapter of Mochizuki-sensei, and some might be happy about this chapter because it’s the end of Mochizuki and her younger sister, Ayaka’s story. That means the end of those derpy-looking students. Yay! Still don’t know what possessed Takuji to draw them like that lol. Anyway, though their story is done, we’re not through with the Mochizuki family yet, as we follow another Mochizuki sister (also a teacher) in the next few chapters. I suspect her story may be a bit more appealing to most.

Anyway, credit for spotting me the translation goes to Gurumao once again, and I took care of the editing, of course.

In any case, links and description below.

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M Kyoushi 045

It’s been a long time. In fact, far, far too long since the last chapter of this manga was released. Well, unfortunately, it just couldn’t be helped. I can honestly say I was not expecting Yoroshii’s very sudden and abrupt disappearance from the scene. It kind of jacked up all of the plans I had to get some things finished T_T.

Fortunately, it was my luck fellow buddy Gurumao decided to pick up the translation of this manga and help finish it. So here we are with chapter 4 after over a year and a half since the last release. Now then, Gurumao’s a pretty busy person in RL, so we won’t be able to guarantee quick releases. I guess at this point, that shouldn’t really be an issue, right? We’ll stick it through to the end though. Wouldn’t want to add a 4th translator to the body count for this T_T

In any case, links and description below.

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So, after a long, long, super long time on hiatus, with the help of Yoroshii, I’m finally able to revive this project. A big, huge thank you to him again for helping me continue this project in the MIA Nemui’s stead. So then, 424 days after the release of Chapter 2 (according to MangaUpdates), chapter 3 is here.

As mentioned above, credits for resurrecting this manga goes to Yoroshii. Since it’s been a while, I’ve gone ahead and re-uploaded the first two chapters for your rereading pleasure. Links and descriptions below

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An OreImo doujin with Kirino, Kanako, and Ayase in Idolm@ster outfits?

Here’s my first entry in 2012, and also my first C81 doujin. An OreImo doujin by one of my current favorite artists, Takuji. This was a joint between myself and Team Vanilla. Credit for the translation goes to a new LWB/TV translator by the name of Warp2243. Here’s hoping he sticks around for awhile over there.

Anyway, since there’s much C81 stuff to pillage, I’ll keep the post short for a change. Well, there’s isn’t much to say about this doujin except Kyousuke fucks Kirino, Kanako, and Ayase. Yup, a quick and to-the-point summary. Oh and it’s also in full color! So enjoy.

*Now Updated with the Uncensored Version Courtesy of Belldandy100*

DL Link: Minus (Uncensored)