Hello there, people. Here’s the long-awaited final chapters of Momoiro Daydream. That makes another Dr.P manga completed with YQII. Bless his patience.

We have a teacher-student relationship this time around. A college professor invites her pupil to a hot spring since he has nothing better to do for a graduation trip. Ends up with a nice surprise at the end. Chapter 10 is a set of 4-koma featuring a few of the characters from the previous chapters.

As per usual, the translation was handled by YQII, and I took care of the editing.

It’s about time for some house cleaning around the site. I’ll be replacing dead links throughout the week. I think like all of the Sendspace ones are dead. Laziness, man… The struggle is real.

Anyway, links below.

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M Kyoushi 061

Here we go with the 5th chapter of Mochizuki-sensei, and some might be happy about this chapter because it’s the end of Mochizuki and her younger sister, Ayaka’s story. That means the end of those derpy-looking students. Yay! Still don’t know what possessed Takuji to draw them like that lol. Anyway, though their story is done, we’re not through with the Mochizuki family yet, as we follow another Mochizuki sister (also a teacher) in the next few chapters. I suspect her story may be a bit more appealing to most.

Anyway, credit for spotting me the translation goes to Gurumao once again, and I took care of the editing, of course.

In any case, links and description below.

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M Kyoushi 045

It’s been a long time. In fact, far, far too long since the last chapter of this manga was released. Well, unfortunately, it just couldn’t be helped. I can honestly say I was not expecting Yoroshii’s very sudden and abrupt disappearance from the scene. It kind of jacked up all of the plans I had to get some things finished T_T.

Fortunately, it was my luck fellow buddy Gurumao decided to pick up the translation of this manga and help finish it. So here we are with chapter 4 after over a year and a half since the last release. Now then, Gurumao’s a pretty busy person in RL, so we won’t be able to guarantee quick releases. I guess at this point, that shouldn’t really be an issue, right? We’ll stick it through to the end though. Wouldn’t want to add a 4th translator to the body count for this T_T

In any case, links and description below.

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Today, I have a one-shot doujin by Jinsuke. It’s a continuation (as evidenced by the title) of Female Teacher – Jogeza Exhibitionism Training (Gallery Here) which was done by Munyu Heavy Industries a long while back. Thanks to the summary, you don’t have to read the first part to understand why the teacher, Shimizu Saeko, is in her situation, but you can if you want to for the sex~

In any case, this was something that was done as a request. I was asked if I’d be interested in taking up the editing and was given the script soon after accepting. And here we are. A new release. The one responsible for the translation was Watisit, and I took care of the editing.

Links and gallery below.

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After a bit of a hiatus (just over 3 months…), another chapter of Kanjyuku makes it out of the gates. I blame myself for the hold up. Got shelved in place of finishing up Gun Tribe 2, and then C82 came and pushed it back even more. And I didn’t really feel like doing these redraws at the time lol. Finally sucked it up though and got chapter 8 done. Chapter 9 is about halfway done as well. We’re moving towards the end of the book finally. Yay!

As per usual, credits for the translation go to Tadanohito while I took care of the editing.

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Time for another dose of Sakaki Utamaru’s thick and healthy women. We’re dealing with a slut teacher and an exposed slut mother this time around. In the real world, this would be a life-changing experience if they saw their mother like this. But it’s hentai, so it’s totally not surprising!

In any case, credits for the translation go to Brolen. And the editing was handled by myself and Torn as per usual.

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And another random release. This time, a one-shot manga chapter from July 2010 issue of Comic Megastore. By a relatively recently popular artist too. Jin is the artist behind this one-shot today. If you’re familiar with MTSP’s doujin work, you’ll likely recognize the artwork. That is because MTSP is Jin’s doujin work name.

Unlike his popular (in my opinion) Fate/Stay Night doujin series, Tohsaka-ke no Jijou, and his Sakiko-san original doujins, this one-shot is very tame compared to those. Yes, there is cheating, hence the tag, but it’s no where close to the main focus. Just a teacher getting it on with her student.

Anyhoos, this doujin is brought to you once again by Lasertym, who sponsored the translation through E-H’s bounty system. The translation this time was provided by Kamikakushi, who I believe is the same one linked in my link list on the right. In any case, I took care of the editing at Lasertym’s request once again as well. And for a fourth time now, Lasertym has made me feel special. So Happy T_T. Links and description below.

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Here’s the next chapter In Her Crack. And what? It’s a happy sex chapter!? Well, at least there’s no bad feelings involved unlike the last chapter.

Credits for translation go to Tadanohito as per usual. And so, there’s one more chapter left to go to finish this book. If I can keep the slacking off to a minimum, I expect to have it ready sometime next week. Anyhoos, links and description below.

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Time for some more Sakaki Utamaru Teacher action.

Here’s another chapter of thick women, courtesy of Sakaki Utamaru today. Like in Chapter 2, we have another teacher-student pairing. Credits for the translation go to Brolen. Torn took care of the editing while I took care of QC once again. Starting next chapter, I’ll be handling the editing, so the next chapters will be done in my style, for better or worse ^_^. Anyway, links and description below.

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Serving up another chapter of In Her Crack after an equally long wait like Kanjyuku. A bit of a downer story this time around. Feels like there could have a been a previous part to it with the way it starts, but probably not.

Anyhoos, credits for translation go to Tadanohito once again. We’re winding down to the end of this book. After the release of chapter 11 (which shouldn’t be too long of a wait), there will be one chapter left to go. Look forward to it. And my apologies for my being so slow T_T

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