Your childhood friend, who you haven’t seen in 10 years, suddenly transfers to your school a full-fledged Ojou-sama. She wants to play a game with you. What do you do?

The game they played back when they were kids was nostalgic lol. I bet there’s plenty of people who have played “Doctor” back in their good old days of innocence with a girl at least one time. But that’s where the similarities between life and this chapter end, I would think. I’m pretty sure that same girl didn’t show up 10 years later asking to play it again lol.

Anyway, it’s time for the last chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze. Didn’t make you wait too long between chapters this time, did I? With that comes the batch release. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. A big, big thank you to him for helping me finish the rest of this book. Be sure to go leave your thanks on his site as well.

As for the batch, I’ve made various small changes as well as correcting any mistakes that I could find throughout the book. I’ve also included the translated two-page omake at the beginning of the book (about the couple from chapter 3). So with all that, this manga should be a done deal. Hope you guys all enjoyed it. I’ll be on the lookout for Warashibe’s next manga. Description and Links below.

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Playing volleyball with more than just a trip to the championships on the line.

Back again with another chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze. Chapter 9 is here. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. As usual, my slacker ways made me take longer on this than I should have, especially since it was a relatively quick edit once I actually started it… Anyway, this is the second to last chapter in the book, so the next chapter brings Nikuyoku Analyze to a close. I’ll try not to delay it too long. That is, provided anime, manga, other edits, and whatnot don’t get in the way. Pray for me, folks T_T

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Nikuyoku Analyze 145

She wants a new cellphone. Guess how she’ll make her case. Involves incest too.

After a bit of a hiatus, here’s chapter 8 of Nikuyoku Analyze. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. Sorry for the delay on this. As mentioned before, it was one of the things that got shelved while I devoted my attention to C81 stuff (and anime and manga -_-). Well, aside from Fuetakishi’s C81 Bakuman doujin I’m currently working on, the C81 mode is pretty much done for me. So I’ll be going back to the regular stuff and a couple of new things soon after. Anyway, continue on for description and links.

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Symptoms include excessive masturbation.

Today, I have chapter 7 of Nikuyoku Analyze for you all. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii. Sorry for the gap in between releases, but things slow down during the November/December time frame. Classes coming to an end means crunch time for the students, and that includes myself (Presentation due next week, haven’t started yet ^_^;). Ahh, the glories of education.

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It’s a TRAP!!!

The traditional kind of trap. That is, not the surprise Shota kind that’s so prevalent nowadays (not to say I have a problem with that genre, but I do hate it when I didn’t see it coming ^_^). In any case, here’s the sixth chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze after a long break. Do forgive me for that. I got sidetracked by a lot of things before getting back to this (IRL stuff and editing other stuff). And even then, this is just a re-edit, so a lot of people will probably recognize this chapter. This was translated a long time ago by a guy by the name of Blain007. I just took his translation and slapped it on the tank scans. Of course, I fixed some mistakes here and there, but it’s still largely the same translation, just with my editing/typesetting style now.

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I bet you can’t guess what one of the main fetishes is in this manga :3

Here’s Warashibe’s most recent manga. As I mentioned in the Otome Gokoro post, this guy is one of my current favorite artists. So when I found out that he was coming out with a new book, I immediately made plans to get it done with Nemui. Nemui only managed to get chapter 1 done before he disappeared. So I asked Yoroshii if he would help me finish this and accepted. THANK YOU, YOROSHII!!! Anyone visiting my site should go and thank him. He’s been a great help to me in keeping these projects alive.

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Here’s my second full book edit that Nemui and I did together. I have this book to thank for discovering Warashibe. I personally think his artwork is great, which is why I decided to pick up his newest book (still in the works). It seemed a lot of people liked it too, so I was glad to have been able to work on it.

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