Two releases in one month? I think I’m on a role! Hopefully a third soon to follow.

Anyway, here’s a yuri one-shot that I actually finished a while ago. I’d just been putting off posting it on my blog for no apparent reason. A lady goes to a massage parlor to deal with stiffness in her body. Needless to say, she gets much, much more than she was anticipating from her female masseuse.

This was translated by Rinruririn and was commissioned by Anonymous. I took care of the editing on request.

In any case, Links and Gallery Below.

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Hello there, people. Here’s a doujin commissioned by KupopoCrashing. As you can no doubt tell by the cover, this doujin deals with “chocolate”, if ya know what I mean. Two girls indulge in their shared fetish while out on a school field trip.

I quite like Otokawa Kazuki’s lolis. They have nice butts and thighs, my favorite~ I sure do hope more of his doujin work pops up someday. I think there’s only a few available even though he’s done quite a bit. Here’s hoping. Anyway, the translator was Brolen, the scanner was Horn Goat, and I handled the editing.

Anyway, links below.

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Sweet Aroma 000a

pesu and Ean quell the drought with another Touhou doujin. This time, we have another Alice-centric doujin by Reimu x Alice shipper extraordinaire Jalapeno Chips (artist Uro). His Reimu is really, REALLY gay for Alice. You may have read some of this artist’s work before if you read Non-H Touhou doujins. And if you’re familiar with this artist, then you already know his Non-H doujins were a step away (if that) from being Hentai. Guess he finally decided to cross the line one time with this.

Anyway, Medicine delivers a gift to Alice given to her by Reimu, which Alice, upon hearing who it came from, chucks it right out the window. Medicine, feeling sorry for Reimu’s ‘good will’ being tossed, aside goes and retrieves the gift and brings it back. When Alice returns, she finds Reimu’s gift, and incense candle, lit. But this being Reimu, of course it’s no ordinary candle. It’s actually an aphrodisiac (hence, the drugs tag), and when Alice gets really, really hot and bothered, Reimu shows to help relieve her.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I just provided QC this time around.

In other news, after talking things over with Ochimusha (the translator for Kanojo de Ippai), we’ve decided to let him take it over on his own. So he’ll be doing all future releases of it. You can find his site Here.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Nail Clipping Sparrow 01

pesu and Ean deliver us another Touhou doujin by Animal Passion (Yude Pea) today. Mystia Lorelei and Shameimaru Aya take center stage here. It’s much like his last Aya x Mystia doujin, but this time with less futa. Still a sweet and simple story, though.

It’s that time of the year for Mystia, and she needs to ‘calm herself down’, so to speak. Being a bird youkai comes with a few hurdles, though, when she needs to relieve the tension. Namely, her long fingernails. Wouldn’t want to lacerate yourself while feeling all around your sensitive bits, right? When she can’t find her nail clippers, she sets out to get a new one. And that’s when the urge hits her, and one Shameimaru Aya is all too happy to lend Mystia a helping hand when she finds her.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I just provided QC this time around.

In other news, stuff, anime, reasons. Yeah. And a Letty doujin on the way (finally). That is all.

Links and Gallery Below.

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And here’s the third and final part to the Brown Reimu story. Raise your hand if you knew this was how it all started. But of course you did, because a certain someone is always involved when body doubles of yourself start wandering around.

Anyway, this was translated by Rinruririn as well, and was commissioned by qazmlpok, and I took care of the editing at his request.

Still quite lazy, but stuff is slowly (very slowly) getting done.

In any case, Links and Gallery Below.

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And now we find out why things have become the way they are.

And now, after one year, we have the conclusion to Alice no Takarabako’s Touhou story. You can pick up the first part at Little White Butterflies, which I did around April 2011, and the second part from here, which I did around May of last year. So get reacquainted with Touhou Meets the Real World.

I won’t spoil it too much in case there is actually someone interested in how things turned out this way. But Remilia and the rest of the SDM makes their appearance and take center stage in this doujin. Meanwhile, Toyohime and Yorihime along with Eirin and Kaguya are doing their own thing, which they reveal. And lots and lots of sex is had in the process. Every character in the Touhou series (minus the PC98 ones) makes an appearance one way or another. Even Mima (who knocks on the 4th wall).

Anyway, this was once again a joint effort between Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies who kindly provided the translation, and myself who took care of the editing. And once again, Kalevala of Kalevala Scans provided his own scan for us to work of.

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Crow and Sparrow 001

Another week gone by, and pesu and Ean have provided another Touhou doujin. We go back to Mystia Lorelei, but this time she’s engaging in sexual relations with Shameimaru Aya. What happened to Utsuho? Don’t worry about that. Just enjoy the sexy fun times she has with Aya as Aya tries to get her to remember her name.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I just provided QC this time around.

In other news, 3rd chapter of Bokunchi no Mikage-san is almost ready. It’ll likely be released sometime later today. If not, definitely tomorrow.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Raven and Sparrow 001

Time for another Touhou doujin courtesy of pesu and Ean. This time, a doujin featuring Reiuji Utsuho and Mystia Lorelei. Quite an unusual combo, right? Or maybe it’s just me.

Another simple one here. Utsuho and Mystia are living together. Utsuho wants Mystia to wake up, but when she ignores her, Utsuho takes it upon herself to get her up. Yuri, then futa lovemaking ensues.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I just provided QC this time around.

Links and Gallery Below.

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Here’s a few more chapters of the Touhou Sleep Sex Anthology courtesy of pesu and Ean. A bit of a mixed bag this time, but as per the title, all involving heavy sleepers. Like the last entry, all I did was provide the QC.

In any case, Links and Description below.

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