[Takuji] M Kyoushi Mochizuki-Sensei no Himitsu Ch. 3 (Continuation – Mochizuki-Sensei’s Secret)

So, after a long, long, super long time on hiatus, with the help of Yoroshii, I’m finally able to revive this project. A big, huge thank you to him again for helping me continue this project in the MIA Nemui’s stead. So then, 424 days after the release of Chapter 2 (according to MangaUpdates), chapter 3 is here.

As mentioned above, credits for resurrecting this manga goes to Yoroshii. Since it’s been a while, I’ve gone ahead and re-uploaded the first two chapters for your rereading pleasure. Links and descriptions below

Well then, if you guys don’t remember what this manga is about, it’s basically a really hot teacher (one Mochizuki-sensei) who has her secret exposed, and then is subsequently blackmailed by the student who found out (by sneaking into the teachers’ bathroom) who then proceeds to fuck her right then and there. That’s Chapter 2. Chapter 1 is like a teaser, by the way.

In chapter 3, due to the student telling other people about her, now there’s a bunch of guys waiting to get their turns with Mochizuki-sensei in the bathroom (there’s a huge line). But the gym teacher, Oyamada-sensei, intervenes and saves her. When he takes her back to his office to figure out what’s going on, a few students follow to see what happens. When Oyamada notices them, he comes up with an “idea” to keep the students away from her from now on.

DL Link: Chapter 3v2 (Link Working again.) | E-Hentai)

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

13 thoughts on “[Takuji] M Kyoushi Mochizuki-Sensei no Himitsu Ch. 3 (Continuation – Mochizuki-Sensei’s Secret)

  1. Huzzah! Takuji is a godly artist and his style in this tankobon heavily reminds me of Mogudan (who I also absolutely love) so seeing more of it translated again simply instantly improves my day by about 500%. I had already given up hope of seeing more of this with Nemui’s vanishing act.

    TYVM for all parties involved.

    1. Yup, Mochizuki-sensei definitely has proportions on par with Mogudan’s style. And as a huge fan of huge tits and ass, I’m loving every second of this manga. Glad I was able to continue it.

    1. Well, that was quick. But the new file is 0 bytes.
      Did the upload fail, or does it just take a while for minus.com links to become functional, or something?

    2. Methinks Minus is having issues on the uploading front as every time the upload completes, it returns a 0 byte file… I tried uploading something else and got a 0 byte file in return. That or I just get an error message. I’ll try again when I wake up.

      All’s good now.

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