[Tomoe Tenbu] In Her Crack Ch. 10 (A Bride For All)

Serving up another chapter of In Her Crack after an equally long wait like Kanjyuku. A bit of a downer story this time around. Feels like there could have a been a previous part to it with the way it starts, but probably not.

Anyhoos, credits for translation go to Tadanohito once again. We’re winding down to the end of this book. After the release of chapter 11 (which shouldn’t be too long of a wait), there will be one chapter left to go. Look forward to it. And my apologies for my being so slow T_T

It seems we’re just kind of dropped into the middle of this story, but anyway, Mari-sensei is apparently addicted to an aphrodisiac drug, so she’s become her students’ sex slave in order to get her fix and get fucked in the process. When they find out that she’s planning to get married, they “celebrate” the good news by tying her up and giving her an even stronger aphrodisiac than normal. Oh, and they make certain that she’ll have a new member to welcome into her future family.

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