[Tomoe Tenbu] In Her Crack Ch. 11 (Stuck On You)

Here’s the next chapter In Her Crack. And what? It’s a happy sex chapter!? Well, at least there’s no bad feelings involved unlike the last chapter.

Credits for translation go to Tadanohito as per usual. And so, there’s one more chapter left to go to finish this book. If I can keep the slacking off to a minimum, I expect to have it ready sometime next week. Anyhoos, links and description below.

Murasaki-sensei gets a love letter from her student, Hikaru. She’s shocked by it, but there’s a reason for his sudden confession. You see, Murasaki has had a crush on him which was made all the more obvious by her actions when she’s around him. Noticing all that, instead of waiting on Murasaki to confess to him (because she doesn’t have the courage), he meets her halfway.

Before they can do the dirty deed though, they’re stopped halfway by the school bell, leaving Murasaki wanting more. So much more that she cums, then passes out during class due to her wild delusions. And guess who’s there waiting for her when she wakes up in the Nurse’s office.

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