[Tomoe Tenbu] In Her Crack Ch. 12 (Let This Flower Bloom) (Complete)

In Her Crack 189

Guess which one’s the jealous twin~

And finally, after almost 2 years (according to MangaUpdates), this manga comes to an end with this final chapter. Fitting that it goes out the same way it opened: with good ol’ fashion rape. Rape of the twins variety at that. Anyhoos, call me a liar cuz I said it wouldn’t be a long wait for this chapter, but yet a whole month has already past since the release of the last chapter… What can I say, I clearly got sidetracked along the way T_T

In any case, this marks the first of Faytear’s projects to be completed by me. That just leaves me with Kanjyuku and Gun Tribe to finish (each with 4 chapters remaining). I suspect I’ll be finishing up Gun Tribe relatively soon. Can’t say the same for Kanjyuku, though. My aim is to finish both in August before my next college semester starts. But as I’ve blatantly proven, my word means nothing, and with C82 looming around the corner, things may yet again be pushed back. We’ll see how it all goes down. I’ll do my best!

Now then, as for credits, translation for chapter 1 goes to the MIA DGB. Translations for chapters 2-12 go to Tadanohito, who took over after DGB. Editing credits for chapters 1-7 go to the now retired Faytear, and myself for chapters 8-12, picking up where he left off. And last, but not least, credits for sponsoring the translation of the book go to Faytear, Zathael, and Setebos, who if not for their initial contributions, this book would have likely never been translated. So a big thank you to all of them, wherever they may be lurking nowadays. Links and Description below.

In this chapter, we meet Amakuchi Tsubaki and her younger sister, Sakura. Tsubaki has real jealousy issues concerning Sakura. So bad, in fact, that she’s been purposefully ruining the unknowing Sakura’s image by selling dirty pictures of her while she’s sleeping (even taking her virginity in the process) to the boys in their school.

When the pictures become harder to sell, the boys come up with a better idea for Tsubaki to make money at Sakura’s expense: Sell Sakura’s body. Well, the idea starts out fine, but Tsubaki fails to realize the one glaring problem of being in the same room with a bunch of guys raping one other girl… That is, being a girl herself in a room full of a bunch guys raping one other girl.

DL Link: Chapter 12

And of course, since it’s the last chapter, here’s the complete batch: Complete Tankoubon

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  1. hats off to you and the long-gone fellas who started this, always nice to see a book finished. now I’m gonna try to check it out.

  2. I may not be as active as I used to be, but I am always lurking around…

    Many thanks to everyone who helped get this thing completed. It took a while, but I am happy that this one is finally done.

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