[Tomoe Tenbu] In Her Crack Ch. 9 (Bed-Timer)

She’s been doing bad things to a student. Karma strikes today.

Following up on Kanjyuku again comes chapter 9 of In Her Crack. A story involving a teacher and the consequences of wronging her student. In layman’s terms, Payback’s a Bitch!

Credits for translation go to Tadanohito. If you take a look over to the right in my current queue, you’ll notice a couple projects finally getting restarted thanks to Yoroshii (My Savior), including one that I believe many have been waiting to see continued after Nemui’s disappearance (Could be wrong about that though). Also, you’ll notice the new project as well, which will be another join with Tadanohito. In any case, look forward to them.

Nao has just found out the reason for the recent changes in her body. Turns out the nurse was drugging her and then selling her out to the male teachers at her school. In light of that, Nao decides to serve up some cookies and hot tea… laced with REVENGE!!! Oh, and aphrodisiac drug too.

DL Link: Chapter 9

Previous Chapter: Chapter 8

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