[Tsuyatsuya] The Nosebleed (Young Champion 2009-05)

Next repost is a Tsuyatsuya release done a long time ago. I think this was Nemui’s second release. In any case, home tutor Onno Kazuhiro, has an encounter with a Milf in glasses after she rushes to answer the door in nothing but a towel. Cue Kazuhiro’s nosebleed. After getting permission to use the bathroom to stop his nosebleed, the Milf busts in on him while he has his boner in his hand (he was trying to take a piss), then she stumbles and falls on him. One thing leads to another and they’re having sex. It’s cheating, but it’s lighthearted, so no drama if you’re familiar with some of Tsuyatsuya’s other works.


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