[Uo Denim] Bitch Summer (COMIC Kairakuten 2014-10)


Two releases in a single month? Don’t look now, but is this a resurgence? No, probably not, but it’s a good feeling nonetheless :3

Anyway, here’s a second one-shot by Uo Denim, this time featuring a teacher-student pair. I tell ya what, the girls Uo Denim draws have great bodies to go along with the amazing ass and tits they have. I will surely be looking forward to his first tankoubon. The terrible whiteout censorship does not do his work justice.

But I digress, in this work, we have teacher Miyamu, and his student Mizoguchi Imari. Miyamu does his best to avoid Imari in hopes of not crossing her, lest he incite her wrath, but she’s in need of help in learning how to swim, so she comes to him. Turns out she’s not such a bad girl, but what is bad is that body of hers, greatly accentuated by the school swimsuit that’s a size or two too small for her. Needless to say, swimming isn’t the only thing they’ll be doing~

The script was commissioned by celltf, the translator he commissioned preferred to remain Anonymous, and I took care of the editing at his request.

Link Below.

DL Link: Sendspace

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