[Uo Denim] RIDE ON BITCH (COMIC Kairakuten 2014-05)


Another month, another release. Doesn’t seem like I’m doing a great job of picking up the pace on editing… Well, such is life, and I’m a lazy person. Still trying my best, though.

Anyway, we have a one-shot by Uo Denim who has quickly climbed the ranks to being among one of my favorite artists. Draws great tits and ass, a winning combination if you ask me :3. In this one-shot, we have Akiya confronting Asahina after seeing her come out of a love hotel with his dad. Seeing it as an opportunity to have some fun, she decides to fuck him to “buy his silence”. Lots of sex ensues. But who comes out on top in the end?

The script was commissioned by celltf, the translator he commissioned preferred to remain Anonymous, and I took care of the editing at his request. I have a couple more things from Uo Denim coming through the pipes as well. Look forward to them.

Link Below.

DL Link: Sendspace

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