[Wamusato Haru] Sankakukan Ch. 8-10 (Complete)

Well, this one’s a little late for Christmas. A few people may know that I had intended to take care of re-editing the last three chapters in this book since only they’re magazine scans were translated. Well to those who were waiting patiently, here they are. I could have had this ready for Christmas, but procrastination held me back (a common occurrence for me). In any case, consider this a belated gift! This is the complete tankoubon version of Sankakukan. So that means magazine scans no longer “taint” (so to speak) the collection. How I so wish I could have edited this whole book since Wamusato Haru is one of my favorite artists. I would have had fun giving this book the treatment it deserves, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But editing these last chapters were a good consolation. Especially chapter 9. It was one of my earliest edits when I joined LWB/TV. Felt good to redo that.

Credits for translations go to Kusanyagi for chapters 1-7, Carstairs for chapter 8, Wrathkal of Team Vanilla for chapter 9, and Ero-Otoko for chapter 10. I do wonder what happened to Ero-Otoko. He was working on stuff I liked before he went MIA, specifically those Futanarun doujins. I wouldn’t mind editing those. But I digress, enjoy the last three chapters as well as the rest of the book. Descriptions and links below the threshold.

In Chapter 8 (Dad’s Lover), when Makoto’s father tells him that he plans to remarry and that he should know who the lucky lady is, Makoto assumes it’s his dad’s coworker, Yuu. And he’s none too happy about that since he’s been in love with her for a long time. So unhappy that he resolves to go the NTR route and “steal” her away from his father. But Yuu is holding back an important piece of information from Makoto which results in a Lol ending.

In Chapter 9 (Angry Wife), Tanaka faces the wrath of his wife, Yoniko, when he comes home after being dragged off to drink with his boss and coworkers. Yoniko has a good reason to be angry when you consider that it was the day of their anniversary. Taking his boss’s advice, Tanaka decides to be stern with, and when he does, Yoniko reacts in a completely catches him off guard. He doesn’t let this unusual development go to waste.

In Chapter 10 (Can’t Hold Back!), after being left unsatisfied by her husband due to him rushing off to his job, a young housewife is left desperate for release. She tries to finish herself off with a banana, only to be thwarted when her young son and friend suddenly return home. So still looking to get off after that, she remembers a specific detail about her son’s friend, Masaharu, from 10 years ago. And with that, she finds her gateway to release. All she has to do is create the circumstances to get what she wants.

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