[Warashibe] Nikuyoku Analyze Ch. 1-5

I bet you can’t guess what one of the main fetishes is in this manga :3

Here’s Warashibe’s most recent manga. As I mentioned in the Otome Gokoro post, this guy is one of my current favorite artists. So when I found out that he was coming out with a new book, I immediately made plans to get it done with Nemui. Nemui only managed to get chapter 1 done before he disappeared. So I asked Yoroshii if he would help me finish this and accepted. THANK YOU, YOROSHII!!! Anyone visiting my site should go and thank him. He’s been a great help to me in keeping these projects alive.

Now for this manga. As the title and cover image might suggest, there’s plenty of buttbuggering going on whether it be some sort of assplay or a straight dick to the asshole. And with anal sex being one of my favorite things in H-manga, this book is awesome to me. Hopefully, it’s been awesome for everyone so far as well. Oh, and there will be some changes made to these chapters for the batch. Just letting everyone know that. Anyway, descriptions for these few chapters released so far to follow.

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Chapter 1 – Young Novelist is Curious!!
Yurika pays her cousin, Masaki, a visit and makes an outrageous request. She wants to become an erotic novelist, but her erotic descriptions lack detail. So, Masaki, as an erotic novel editor, has to turn her work down. At that moment, the reason for her request earlier becomes very, very clear to him. Seeing how determined she is to become an erotic novelist (and partly swayed by her begging and big tits), he gives in and decides the best way for her to improve her writing is to have real experiences. He’s all too happy help her out with that.

Chapter 2 – The Secret Hole Behind My Sister
While watching TV, Kousuke’s (unnamed) older sister rushes out of the bathroom still wet and in only a towel because she’s about to miss her TV drama. While looking for the remote, she bends over and flashes all her wet lady parts to Kousuke. To make matters worse for him, she then decides to sit in his lap just so she doesn’t get the sofa wet. Needless to say, he freaks out when she notices feels “something in his pocket”. She’s an airhead though and doesn’t realize it’s his boner. Go figure. In any case, it seems she’s been airhead ever since Kousuke can remember, often seeing his sister unconsciously exposing herself to him. But tonight’s the last straw, and he’s gonna do something about his pent up lust for his sister whether she likes it or not.

Chapter 3 – Little Sweet Typhoon
Sugisaki is tall while Himekawa is short, so he always teases her about that. At a drinking party, Sugisaki teases her some more by not giving her a beer because she’s too young (she’s really 21). After that, Himekawa challenges him to a drinking contest. When it’s time to go, Sugisaki leaves, but then Himekawa, who’s clearly drank one too many, catches up to him, jumps on his back and makes him take her home. Once to her house, she begins to strip then forces him again to carry her to the bathroom, then forces her to bathe with her. All of that just so she can prove that she’s an adult, but a problem arises. Himekawa really is too small. But when the front entrance doesn’t work, there’s always the back entrance…

Chapter 4 – Games With My Brother’s Wife
Kenji, who’s been staying with his brother and his wife, Takako, for the last two months, catches sight of them having anal sex one night and Takako sees him. The next day, Takako comes on to Kenji strong. Since her husband is away, she offers Kenji a taste of her ass. After partaking in that meal, Takako offers up one more part of her. And it’s particularly special because what Kenji is about to do her is something her husband hasn’t even done yet…

Chapter 5 – Let’s Do Maid Club Activities!
Hazuki is a maid-in-training in her high school’s maid club. She’s the only maid in the club. She aspires to become the perfect maid, but her club’s president, Mishima, stands in her way. He wants her to become the perfect lewd maid. Hazuki is against that of course, but when he pulls his trump card out, an authentic English maid uniform, she reluctantly complies to his wishes. All she has to do is service him with her mouth to wear it, something she’s done many times before. When Mishima showers her with compliments, she begins to lose herself in the act. When she comes to her senses, she flips out, but it ends putting her in a situation where Hazuki’s line between a pure maid and a lewd maid gets blurred. And Mishima takes full advantage of the situation.

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