[Warashibe] Nikuyoku Analyze Ch. 6 (Games With a Married Woman)

It’s a TRAP!!!

The traditional kind of trap. That is, not the surprise Shota kind that’s so prevalent nowadays (not to say I have a problem with that genre, but I do hate it when I didn’t see it coming ^_^). In any case, here’s the sixth chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze after a long break. Do forgive me for that. I got sidetracked by a lot of things before getting back to this (IRL stuff and editing other stuff). And even then, this is just a re-edit, so a lot of people will probably recognize this chapter. This was translated a long time ago by a guy by the name of Blain007. I just took his translation and slapped it on the tank scans. Of course, I fixed some mistakes here and there, but it’s still largely the same translation, just with my editing/typesetting style now.

As for this chapter, we have a wife, Nanako, who’s in a relationship with a guy, Naohito. She’s married, just not to Naohito. Yup, she’s cheating on her husband who’s on a business trip. Anyway, after a round of sex, Nanako asks Naohito to take a look at her computer since it’s been acting up lately. When he does, he just so happens to find a certain hidden folder of Nanako’s, and so he takes advantage using the contents.

Also, contains a minor twist at the end. DEM CHEATING HOUSEWIVES!!!

Chapter 6

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9 thoughts on “[Warashibe] Nikuyoku Analyze Ch. 6 (Games With a Married Woman)

  1. Man, I’m actually getting good at spotting the other type of Traps by the cover art. It’s like I’ve developed a new kind of survival instinct or something.

    ‘Cause there’s a reason they call it a TRAP. Though I will say that usually translators are good about being forward about that sort of content. Still, it feels like they just suddenly came out of the woodwork one day, like NTR. I mean, were these things always popular and only recently got some translator love or is this just the tide of people’s taste in hentai changing once again?

    1. It took me quite a bit for my eyes to grow accustom to spotting Traps. It sure wasn’t easy back then when all my eyes saw were lolis and couldn’t spot the crossdressing “might as well be a loli” shota. It sure was rough lol.

      Well, Trap and NTR stuff has always been around, but I guess it was only relatively recently that it all became so prevalent and such hot stuff. And not only from the translator’s side. The artists started pumping out lots of it. Especially NTR. Definitely one of the most infamous genres nowadays. It’s actually funny when the people proclaim the end of the world when a well known artist does their first NTR story (looking at Yuzuki N Dash).

    2. It’s not hard to sympathize. I felt a little dirty myself when I read Another World (Was that title her announcement, I wonder). Not that it wasn’t good. NTR is supposed to make you feel that way, I think. But when you get to like a mangaka it’s usually because of their art as well as their storytelling and content. So if that content suddenly shifts into stuff you don’t like . . . I get a little of that feeling from Takeda Hiromitsu. He’s always had stuff like that but lately it seems to be all he draws.

      Yeah, Traps. Oi. It used to be when I saw a cover I’d think a reflexive, “Oh, what a cute girl.” Now it’s “Checking . . . checking . . . checking . . .” and then a decision on whether it’s nice or not, after careful scrutiny. 😛

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